Pray for Grandson

to make his first communion. His mother, a non-Catholic, is resisting this. Pray for her to have a change of heart.

Lord, breathe your Most Holy Spirit upon the mother of this precious child, causing the scales to fall from her eyes and the beauty and radiance of your body in the Eucharist to create a desire in her for communion with you. May she desire that her son eat your Body and thus have life within him. Amen.


Thank you for your prayers for my grandson. He’s a terrific kid and I would like to see him make his first communion in a timely fashion.


Maybe read John 6:53 and 1 Corinthiians 11:23-29 to your grandson, where mom can ovrehear it. Scripture is mighty powerful, especially to those who have ONLY scripture. Let him (her) hear that scripture AND the Body of Christ have powered the greatest Saints who ever lived. God bless you!

The body and blood of Jesus Christ will heal all things!!

Praying for your grandson and his mom…

Prayers for your grandson. :gopray:

Will keep your grandson and his Mom in prayer…may The Lord soften her heart and enlighten her mind…and may your grandson’sFirst Holy Communion be filled with joy and consolation …

:signofcross:Praying here!!:signofcross:

May God’s grace and love shine so brightly through your Grandson’s pure and innocent heart right to his Mom

Many thanks for your prayers. They are working. My son told me they are enrolling him in CCD and he should make his first communion next Spring.

My daughter-in-law is mercurial, so keep the prayers coming that there won’t be a change.


Thanks be to God!!
Praise his Holy Name

Deo Gratius! Amen!

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