Pray for health of my unborn nephew

Please pray the healthy delivery of my unborn nephew.
My brother and his wife were recently notified that the their son may have serious birth defects and were advised to abort.

They are remaining strong and in God’s light and guidance.

Thank you for support, blessings and prayers.

Prayers for the health and safe delivery of your nephew, as well as the strength and perseverance of his parents…


I will pray for your nephew.

I’ll be praying for your nephew and his family.

Prayers :gopray2:

Praying for your brother, his wife and their unborn baby.:gopray2:

Praying. :gopray2:

Will offer this up in my a.m. rosary

Be assured of prayers for baby and parents and auntie and whole family of this loved infant.
God Bless
Grace Angel,

Eternal Father,
We prayer for the life of this precious infant. We ask that if it be your will that all will be well with the child, and we ask that you give strength and courage to these parents and their whole families. Father, all things are in your care and all things are possible with you. We place this precious infant in your Fatherly care. We ask this in the name of your Son Jesus, and in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

May God bring them peace of mind as they search their hearts for the right course of action. May God bless them and watch over them and the baby.


I know what it is like to go through a hard time with your pregnancy and be scared - I will definately pray for him!


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