Pray for Help with Timing


I’ve just been told that I’m being considered for a two-week job assignment that happens to start on the same day that I’m already signed up to attend a certification training seminar that’s being held in another state!

Please pray that the prospective employer would be agreeable to my taking off several hours that day such that I could both successfully complete my assigned work and attend the training. I would be more than happy to make up any hours that I would miss at work. As for the training seminar, if I miss it, I’d have to wait until the spring until it was offered again. So even if it means driving all night to return from the training to make it back to work the next day, I would be willing to do that.

Since I’ve been out of work for months now, I would absolutely love the short-term work. Since the short-term work will be over and done with at the end of two weeks, I also need to think about certification for future employment possibilities beginning in October, which the training would really help with, since it takes place during September.

My overall prayer request is for the Lord to provide me with a good job, hopefully in a career where I can use my talents to serve Him and those around me.

I will be speaking to the recruiter about this tomorrow morning. Please pray that all goes well.

~~ the phoenix


Praying For You
Grandma Glor


prayers for you…



Prayers heading up for you right now.


Praying for you. :gopray2:
The Holy Spirit’s guidance, given to you.



You will be in my prayers.

Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us, and increase Your mercy in us, so that in difficult moments we might not despair, nor become despondent, but with great confidence, submit ourselves to Your Holy Will, which is Love and Mercy itself. Amen


Thank you so much for the kindness of your prayers …

grandma glor, kate64, pyropam, EllaK, and Gail OCDS: :slight_smile:

So far it’s looking good on the two-week assignment. I’m supposed to go in and sign papers about it tomorrow … At this point, I will feel so much better after the paperwork is done and I’m told that yes, I actually do have the assignment.

This will be a major relief. It will look good on my resume even though it’s one of the shortest assignments ever, and will surely help to pay bills.

That said, at the end of the two weeks, I will once again be out of work and in need of a job. I would be so thankful for more prayers that things will work out when it comes to a more permanent position … or even, new opportunities for longer temporary contract work.

I will gratefully remember all of you in my prayers as well.


~~ the phoenix



I will keep you in prayer; thank you for yours!
May the Lord’s perfect will be done.


Aw. I missed your prayer request for round 1, but have caught it now—praying for you!! Good luck!!


Lord, I pray that you continue to bless ‘the phoenix’ and allow the contract signing to go well today. Lord, at the end of this 2 week assignment, this CAF member will be out of work. I pray Lord that this assignment opens new doors and brings opportunities for new employment. In Jesus name I pray. Mother Mary, please pray for these intentions.

the phoenix, I will continue to pray for you. God Bless.


Thank you for praying, it’s been really helping! …

Gail OCDS, SarahR, DiggidyDog, and everyone. :slight_smile:

I start my two-week temporary job assignment Monday morning. It looks like I’ll be updating maintenance manuals. This is such an encouraging thing to happen, even if it’s only going to last such a short time. Every little bit helps, so I’m very grateful.

And your continuing prayers are so appreciated, for whatever the future holds after this project ends.

I pray for you all, and your intentions, as well.


~~ the phoenix



So happy to hear that you landed a job - even though it’s temporary. I will keep praying along with the rest of everyone.



Dear phoenix,
My prayers and thoughts are with you daily. May God bless you. I know God is with you. He wants the best for you.
Hail Mary Full of grace…please take care of Phoenix in her needs and desires. We trust in Mother and your son will not deny you anything. Please bring a good job for phoenix,that she enjoys and takes care of all her needs and more. Amen


Prayers being offered on your behalf Phoenix. Will keep you in prayer daily, especially for long term employment, but also for all of your needs and in thanksgiving for the blessing you are to so many of us here!


Jesus look upon your faithful and prayerful friend and give all the assistance and understanding that is needful to allow all to go well regarding these and all issues in life.



How are you doing? How is the job? I am still praying for a permanent placement for you. Please keep us posted. You are a dear one!



LORD Jesus
Help UR Son.


Dear mom4truth, jollyoki, sjegts, Trishie, and** jesu1983:**

Thank you So Much for the kindness of your prayers! :slight_smile:

Things are really up in the air right now, but it could be that today (Monday) will be a very big day. More prayers are welcome and would be greatly appreciated …

Here’s a photo I took a few years ago that describes how I feel. It shows a cloud that looks like Forrest Gump’s feather. The accompanying quote below my photo is from the movie.

Mrs. Gump: I happen to believe you make your own destiny. You have to do the best with what God gave you.

Forrest Gump: What’s my destiny, Mama?

Mrs. Gump: You’re gonna have to figure that out for yourself. Life is a box of chocolates, Forrest. You never know what you’re gonna get.

– Paramount Pictures, 1994

Photo taken by CountryDreaming (my photograhy name) and displayed on the following website address at the Flickr photography website:


I am praying.
May our loving Father grant you whatever job is best for you.:thumbsup:



I know God is with you, dear friend. You are a very special person. I am blessed to know you.
God has something wonderful planned for you…I just know it.

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