Pray for Her Brain Surgery


I was just told that my girlfriend’s 8 year old sister has to get surgery to remove brain tumors. The surgery isn’t until this winter, around Christmastime, but I figured I would put her on the prayerline now, since prayers can never start too early.

I will give some updates as time goes on. Thank you for your prayers.

God bless you all.


praying that she and her family will have the strength to go through this. May God always protect and guide them so that they will be able to submit to God’s will.


Praying for her surgery and healthy recovery. May our Lord be with her protecting her always.:gopray2:


I will be praying…:gopray:


I had a tumor in my head that was removed in May of 2006, it was a menegioma (and benign). My recovery time wasn’t too bad, it took me a few weeks to “feel” like I was back to normal. You say she has tumors (plural), I don’t know much about that since I only had one. I do know that I had to be especially careful of my head (trying to make sure I didn’t accidentally hit it) for about a year while the bone was growing back from the craniotomy. I will most definitely keep her in my prayers.


I will pray hard for her. I had a friend who had a brain tumor removed about 25 years ago. She is still alive and healthy. Let’s hope for the same results for this youngster.



Praying for this little one now!!


O Lord, I ask that, between now and Christmas, you heal this little girl of her tumor, so that she can be a witness to Your might and power. In Jesus name we pray.




Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee,
Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb-Jesus.
Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the time of our death -

Please intercede on behalf of his girlfriend’s little sister and her family and give them the strength and grace to handle whatever situation may come and to unite their sufferings to the Cross and to keep their family and loved ones encouraged so that they all can say “Your Will be done”.
Amen †


Will keep you girlfriend’s little sister in prayer… JMJ


Praying for this little girl…


Thank you all for your prayers; they are much appreciated.

An update: she has undergone more tests and it is now a matter of exactly when she can have her surgery. Please continue to pray, as I know you will.

God bless you all.


Praying for this little girl and her family. :gopray2:


Please dear God–we ask you to guide the eyes, minds and hands of this girl’s medical team, so that her surgery will be successful. We also ask that you send the Holy Spirit to comfort & strengthen this girl & her family in this, a time of need for them.


Thank you for the update, and continuijng to keep her in daily prayer


prayers :gopray2:


Saint Teresa of Avila, while here on earth, you were no stranger to debilitating headaches and other mysterious ailments. This is why we entrust this little girl to your patronage.

Your suffering led to the many graces to accomplish His will, and your glory has obtained many spiritual favors for us. We ask you to take this petition before your Divine Spouse:

Inspire this girl’s family with the confidence that the Heavenly Physician Himself will guide the hands of her doctors and be their guide in any follow-up . May treatment be swift and effective, and may she be restored to health and holiness all of her days. We add our prayers to yours and ask this of God the Father through Christ, Our Lord, Amen.


Hey all, thanks again for your continued prayers.

I was at my girlfriend’s house over the weekend to spend time with her family and get to know them a little better, and her younger sister began seizing. This lasted for quite a while. I learned later that her condition is getting worse, and she has been seizing every day and multiple times per night. She is a happy girl, and loves to pray the rosary. As an eight year old with tuberous sclerosis, her love of the rosary is an inspiration to me and others to love this devotion (and she to whom it is devoted) even more.

Her family is confident in God and trusts that His Will is Good, and it will be done.

Just another update…thank you very much for praying for her and her family.



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