Pray for me, A Police Officer


I left a mainline Dept last November, and went to Police at a college. Long story short, I was involved in a critcal incident and when I got to where I could defend myself, the man took his own life. Now I am over it but am thinking of getting back into main stream law enforcement, but I am having some doubts as to if God wants me to do this or if I want to. I really need God’s guidence right now! thanks for the future prayers


May the Holy Spirit be your guide and inspiration


"I was involved in a critcal incident and when I got to where I could defend myself, the man took his own life. "

Was a death-by-cop situation? Did you follow procedure? Would you have done something different on the streets?

I pray to holy mother Mary to guide you in your life and that the lord bring you peace of mind.


Praying for you.:byzsoc:


I’ll pray for you. :gopray:


Please be assured of my prayers for you:highprayer: :highprayer:


I will pray for you with my morning prayers.


Sounds like a gutcheck combined with your choosing to do God’s will. Sometimes God himself checks your resolve and sometimes your will is opposing His message. This is a tough one, I’m sure. I’ll say a prayer to our Lord to help you discern as well as a prayer to St. Micheal. Your intentions seem good, God Bless, Tim




May St. Michael defend you, and Christ guide your way.



I’m praying for you.


May the Holy Spirit guide you.


I pray that God show you His will, and that he guides you to where you should go.


Praying for you and your family to seek guidance and counseling as needed so that you can fulfill the calling of your vocation - whatever it needs to be. Good luck and God Bless.


Will pray a rosary for you, and pray to St Micheal as well.


In the Living Prayer of my life


I will pray for these intentions.


thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. I went to an interview and got the job. I feel soo much at peace now with the whole thing. I really feel God is telling me to go back to the front lines , if you will. Maybe I retreated when I should have pushed on. But I thank you all.


No it was not, some say that it was going to be , but they were not there and did not hear the conversation. Yes I did follow procedure, if there was one for this paticular situation, I was held hostage basically for about 10 minutes, no backup, just me and him.


Glad things are looking up for you - prayers for your continued wellbeing :crossrc:

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