pray for me and kids

dear prayer warriors,pray for my twinkids whose birthday is in 26th of these month…but tomorrow there is a party in night with my husbands manyfriends and i want to be well behaved there…bec there is some issue betweeen them that i have mental disorder…so i want to be free of all evil spirits from there…
I never like parties as it takes longtime to get end even it continues uoto 3oclock night …i never want to explain more due to security reasons… iam fearing whether my kids may got any trouble after these party as in usual seeing the kids by manypersons comments is
never good…
i really want to pray more and more before going to party from nw itself…All of u pls ask God for mercy upon me as my life is nw filled with sins …more amd more greedy to eat tastyfoods that i likeonly without taking gaps!!!and enjoy watching tv cinemas,my more worry is abt my eatinghabit…do u all know it is my great and deepest weakness…manytimes i asked god to getout me from these sin but no wayyyyyyyyyy…i cant take fasting prayers nw and inshort iam away from god and nw i makemy path to hell
pray hardly for me]# jessykuttikkad

Praying hard for you and your kids.

Remembering you and your family in my daily prayers. God bless!

Loving prayers for you and your children, and for your husband.

Loving God please protect Jessy’s little children from bad examples from others and from all harm.
Please help her to know that You cannot change other’s free decisions, that You love her and her children, and You do not blame you for other people’s arrangements and decisions.

Lord You know that Jessy eats so much because she is so nervous, not because she is bad. Please help her to become less sad and worried, knowing that You always love her.

Sweet friend, I am praying, praying, praying for you and your kids. Stay strong, keep your Faith alive, and you will do well.


Lord, please help Jessy. May she do all for the love of you and quit any bad habits she has. Please help her to rejoice always, to pray ceaselessly, and to give thanks in all circumstances. May she love you with all her heart, mind, soul and strength and love her neighbor as herself. Please help her to take good care of her children, and please keep them safe. Amen.

Dear Friend,

I am sorry to hear of your trials. May God soften your trials and sufferings. :heart:

Love ya’ll lots,
Sheila is my real name and:blessyou:

We ask O Great Physician, for spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. For the suffering of the world that are meeting disasters at their homes, those who are having to endure the heat, cold, demonic thoughts, homeless, elderly and trials and tribulations. You of both flesh and spirit.
May we spend all of our days in your healing presence
You the eternal Son born for us
Grant us the healing benefits of your Incarnation, Death, and Resurrection
You who are true God and true man
Grant us your true life in the midst of death
You, the true life in death
Grant us to follow your example and that of your Blessed Mother
You, from both Mary and from God
May our suffering be for our growth; free us, we pray, from that which we cannot bear
We ask You, O God the Word who became man to suffer
We ask you to grant us this healing if it brings us closer to you,
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen:highprayer:


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