Pray for Me and My Thesis!


I am in the middle of working on my thesis (which is due either tomorrow or this Thursday)
Anyway- please pray that I get it finished, and that it lives up to my expectations.


You were in my prayer.

God bless.




You are in my prayers.:slight_smile:


How’s the progress? Did you have to turn it in today? I’m praying it all goes well for you!


I got an extention til Thursday :slight_smile:
It is going well. I just am far too facinated with John Donne, that I am having trouble finding stuff to not include!


I have started typing it in it’s entirety (it is no longer a mess of notes and outlines) and I am almost done! Please continue to send your prayers that John Donne doesn’t drive me crazy!


Keeping you in my prayers!


It’s done!!!


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