Pray for me at 3:30!

I had posted in the forum last week about talking to a girl I used to work with about her abortion. We are getting together this afternoon. We aren’t meeting to spasifically talk about abortion, but I am sure it will be comming up. Please, please please say a prayer for me when you read this. if you think about it, we’ll be getting together at 3:30. I am SO nervous about saying the right thing. I want to be open to the holy spirit to say what’s right, to speak the truth, no matter what, but to be loving. I think she wants help, but she’s not sure what that “Help” should be. please pray that I don’t chicken out or water down the truth!
thank you
Sue Krum
ps her name is Danielle

Absolutely, Sue!! Will start right now…God Bless your efforts!!


:thumbsup: Will do Sue! :gopray:

Just did…am I in time?..3:30 Eastern… = 1:30 Mountain! :slight_smile:

Sue, how did it go?

It went okay. She seems to trust me and my opinions. we’ll just see how she heeds to them. She’s very boy crazy and short on money and I’m trying to help her see the good of staying pure, no matter what some guy might give her.
We’re getting together on monday. she wants me to teach her how to make this Christmas treat I make. so we’ll probably talk more then. I’m just going to try and be a good inflouance on her and try, little by little, to help her come to the realatity of what abortion really is. I’ve got a friend who is a middle aged woman who was in a very similar situation to Danielle many years ago She’s got a beautiful family now, so I think the might be able to help me. I think the three of us are going to get together and talk after the new year. Thanks for asking and keep her in your prayer. she has a long way to go.

I’ll be praying for her Sue, and for you.

God bless,


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