Pray for me brothers and sisters and help me understand

so, I have struggled today and I need some support from my Catholic brothers and sisters. i was extremely tempted just now. I was browsing the topbuzz feed and I was taken aback by a post showing an extremely beautiful woman in suggestive clothing/poses. I try and avoid temptation and I didn’t expect to find it there. I was about to succumb… forgive the details but I had given myself the locked door, the private browser, let’s just say I was all set… but then I thought about mass on Sunday and my last confession. my back is injured at the moment so I would struggle to get to confession before Sunday. I thought about not taking the eucharist but how would I explain to my family? so I prayed for deliverance and i received it. thank god I received it and avoided the act. I switched my mind to thoughts off my wife instead and got rid of all the visual temptations. I avoided the act.

my question is, by entertaining these thoughts to this point, have I committed mortal sin? should I avoid communion on Sunday?

thoughts, prayers and answers appreciated

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According the answer at the below link, it does seem that by entertaining the thought to the extent that you did, it would be a mortal sin. You will need to confess it.

Thank goodness you didn’t commit another by actually going through with it. I’m sure it took tremendous effort to turn back. Say An Act of Contrition. Go to confession as soon as you can. Keep a statue or picture of Mary by your computer screen or Rosary beads. As soon as you see something tempting, that is the point you need to master your passions. Look away. Say a prayer. Think of Mass and your family. Get away from the computer.

God Bless.

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thank you for this link Elizabeth and your response, it was really helpful. I can’t tell you what a comfort it is to me to find other children of God who understand how difficult it is to avoid the temptation when it comes.

Thanks again, God bless

by the way I now have our blessed mother as the background on my phone :slight_smile:


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