Pray for me I will make phone calls for Mitt

I am going to make phone calls for Mitt when I can up until the election. I am doing it for the pro-life cause and traditional marriage! Pray for me!

Keep you in my prayers

Praying for you and others who will be doing the same. We have large groups who are
scheduled to start doing so, with calls going into the swing states. Pray before you start
because some people are just not very nice.

Don’t call our house; we will hang up on you. We hate all political calls, regardless of the camp that they come from.

Mitt will ruin this country.

I am supposed to have one of those “blocks” but I still get those Fraternal Order of Police Calls. Yesterday we were offered a FREE vacation or something. I don’t know how to make unwanted calls stop.

Non-profits (and politicians) are immune from the block law. Unfortunately. Our phone displays the number of the incoming caller, and if I don’t recognise the number, I’ll frequently just let it go to voicemail.

When it comes to unsolicited phone calls, I am definitely an equal-opportunity hater. I hate them all.

I’ll keep you in prayers. C’mon Mitt!!:thumbsup:

Mitt Romney wears magical underwear. That’s pretty neat.

Non-profits are the worst offenders when it comes to telemarketing.

I pray that Obama loses. His support of the murder of unborn children and the travesty of homosexual “marriage” proves he is an enemy of the Church. Good luck!

I am fairly sure that Obama thinks of abortion as the “murder of unborn children” since he is a liberal Protestant. More likely he thinks of them a “blobs of tissue”.

Personally I think that some of the rhetoric on abortion goes some what overboard.

When someone says child I am more likely to think of a toddler or older, and not a new born infant.

I am as antiabortion as anyone here, but are we doing ourselves and our cause favors when we scream “baby killer” at an abortion mill? How many women’s minds do we change doing that?

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