Pray for me to calm down

I’m mad. Really mad. And I’m itching for a fight. I don’t know whether I want to be mad or calm down or cry.

My boyfriend just got back to Korea. This is great. This is his first weekend back. I saw him briefly on Friday, and he implied that he’d come over Sunday afternoon. (He didn’t exactly say he would, but he usually comes and he said he wouldn’t take a Sunday shift no matter what because it had been so long since we’d seen each other.) Last night he did overtime and worked all night, so I didn’t mind when today he hadn’t phoned by 8pm. I figured he was sleeping after his 22-hour shift. I called him at 8:30, and he didn’t answer. Maybe he was still sleeping or in the shower or something. I phoned again at 9pm and his phone was turned off.

It’s 1am and his phone is still off. I am taking it as a personal rejection. I’m trying not to, but my mind is coming up with all sorts of possibilities, and none of them happy ones. I’m mad. :mad: We both work six days a week. I’m working evening shift until midnight. He’s working night shift. We really don’t have time to see each other during the week. This was the only time we could have seen each other, and he not only didn’t come, but he didn’t call and he didn’t answer his phone, and it seems that he shut his phone off after I tried to call. :mad:

I really need to calm down. I really want to stay mad.

Your profile says you do not adhere to a religion, but I hope you have a belief in God.

Help Just wondering to sit back and review her worries. Help her to enter into Your presence and to find peace by first being with You. Help her to desire to be with You more than her boyfriend. Please help her to see that being with You is more important than being with her boyfriend.

This is not to say she should not want to be with her boyfriend, but if You help her find peace in spending time with You, then You can help her react more peacefully to this situation.

Ease her mind and help her calm down and do not lead her into anything to let her to continue being mad.

Again, help her desire to be with You first and then to be concerned about being with her boyfriend.

Amen, Amen!

My hubby was Army, so I understand…but today is sunday, the day of the best boyfriend in the wold :slight_smile: . There is no room in it for anger. Fill your heart with mercy instead, God created your boyfriend imperfect. He will forever make mistakes, it is natural of humanity. If you are mad, is because you love him :smiley: , but while he decides to show up, take advantage of the time given to speak to your True and Perfect First Love :wink: . That is why the first commandment is soooo wise, “To Love the Lord your God above all things”!!! Leave anger behind, knowing that only Jesus will never fail or dissapoint you, this will give you a great sence of inner peace and mercy for your loved ones, knowing that they will forever be imperfect. Whenever your boyfriend or loved ones dissapoint you, do not waste time being mad, go straight to the one that can actually provide that perfect love for you and will one day gift you with the most perfect state of Living in eternity. Be Happy :slight_smile: , today is sunday, the day of the Lord! Nothing else could possibly be more important! And when your boyfriend shows up, be happy, full of joy and get all pretty to spend a nice time together. Life goes by way too fast, to be wasting it on mad :mad: . Girl…go spend time with the one and True Love of life and then get all pretty and happy to spend a nice time with the boyfriend He gave you! OKA! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


There may be reasons you are unaware of…
Pray, hope and do not worry…

Your intentions will be in my prayers.

Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us, and increase Your mercy in us, so that in difficult moments we might not despair, nor become despondent, but with great confidence, submit ourselves to Your Holy Will, which is Love and Mercy itself. Amen

Knowing something of the history and the problems, and your amazing charity and faithfulness, I hug you, and will be praying for peace and resolution for you. I’m offf to Mass in a few minutes. God bless you, Love.


I will keep you in my evening prayers.

Praying for you, JW.

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