Pray for me to find a job


… or to know what it is God wants me to do with my life instead, and how He wants us to take care of our financial obligations if my employment is not in His plan.


I’m praying for you. :gopray2:

Have you tried praying the 30 day prayer to St. Joseph? Many people have found jobs or resolved financial issues with the intercession of St. Joseph.


Thanks. This’ll be day 1


Thanks for that link… I need career prayers as well…

vluvski - you’re in my prayers…


Sure thing, Em! Drat this blasted job thing!


God bless you on your journey to a fulfilling exciting new job


Your prayers must be working- I have an interview at 1pm on Thursday, Eastern Time.

Keep them coming!! Thank you.


Do you think if I prayed it 30 times in one day it would work faster?:stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe if you prayed it 30 times “each” day. :wink:

I’ve also been praying this prayer as I look for a new job. I’ve been including you and Em_in_FL in my prayers as well. My situation is not at all urgent. I have a job (thank goodness), but it is spiritually draining on me, so I’m looking for a new one.


Interview today, in two hours.

Someone (ie St. Joseph) must be listening- I have another interview tomorrow and a good chance of another next week.


That’s great! Let us know if you get the job so we can offer up a prayer of thanksgiving.

I’m praying that your interviews go well.


Interviews went very well once I actually made it. A ten minute drive turned into an hour drive because of an accident on a two-lane road. I finally turned around to take an alternate route, and got stuck at the draw bridge for 20 minutes. Ended up 30 minutes late, so I hope that doesn’t ruin my chances.

The whole time I’m thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” The interviews themselves really did go well, though.




Update: I have another phone interview this morning, right after I get back from Mass.

I do have an offer, but it is outside my field (a credit card call center), half the pay, a 45 minute commute, and night/weekend hours. I can’t help but think St. Joseph can do better than that. :wink:

I’m still waiting to hear back from the first company. They said they would be making their decision soon. The location is most ideal, so I’m really praying hard for that one.

I can’t believe I’m 2/3 finished with the prayer and haven’t missed a single day. I NEVER remember to do my novenas.

EM! How’s your hunt going?


Well, I think Thanksgiving Praises will be in order shortly. The recruiter called and said the company I have been hoping for is “putting something together” and I should expect an offer in the mail shortly. No word on details yet.


Will be praying for you in my holy hour! God bless!


Still waiting for official news rather than heresay from my recruiter. Can’t they hurry up???
Wednesday the 9th is the last day of my 30 day prayer, and the last day of my and my husband’s novena to St. Joseph. Maybe that’ll be the day?


Praying that all things turn out all right for you and your family. May God’s plan for you all bring you the joy and security for you family. Good luck and God Bless.


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