Pray for me to finish scholarship


I have a scholarship, the deadline is tomorrow to be submitted. I just need some prayers. I have to write a resume (won’t be to bad) and a 300- 500 word essay. Pray for me, and hopefully I can finish it and finish it well. The scholarship is worth about $2500 and I need to money for Franciscan University of Steubenville. Thanks for the prayers :slight_smile:


WOW that’s a GREAT university. I will pray that you receive what you need to attend that wonderful place! :slight_smile:


Well, just two days ago, I received a scholarship worth $2000, which helps a bunch, so I know God is kinda watching out for me :extrahappy:


Epsilon, you have my prayers for this scholarship and what sounds like a very bright future :slight_smile:


Thanks a bunch :thumbsup:

Officially, I am almost finished with the essay and I finished the resume (going to get some sleep, finish it in the morning, get it postmarked and sent).:extrahappy:

I can’t really say that it is my best work, of course, but I do expect too much out of myself. Heck, I didn’t even know how to write a resume like 4 days ago :blushing:.

Well, thanks for any prayer and every prayer :thumbsup:


Praying for you and all students. St Joseph of Cupertino is a powerful patron saint in such matters.

Please pray for an urgent study-related intention of mine too :crossrc:


Stop posting here and hopefully by now you’ve finished writing it!!

Good luck and God Bless. You are a good shepherd indeed.


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