Pray for Me to Go to Confession


I would really appreciate it if yall could pray that I go to confession. I know I can’t receive communion until I do, but I am having a really hard time. Even behind a screen, with a preist I don’t know, I feel that some of my sins are so disgusting that I don’t even want to talk about them because it makes me sick. I know that I have to go, but I am really just dreading talking about some of the stuff. Please pray that God gives me strength, courage, and grace. Thanks everyone.


Praying for you :gopray2:

Priests are pretty much unshockable. They really do hear it all.

Even if not - think of it like going to the doctor or dentist. Not always pleasant but always necessary, and you certainly feel a lot better after you’ve been fixed up.


May the Lord grant you the courage and peace to make your confession sooner rather than later. Far better to face a priest now, than have to face God with a mortal sin and without a confession. I was once a lapsed Catholic for almost 10 years, and some nights I was terrified that I might die and end up down below. It’s much easier to sleep after a good confession. Sometimes fear is a good thing.

Nothing you could say could ever surprise or embarass a priest. Remember they are humans and sinners too.


I’ve been in your shoes before. I put it off for years. Pride is literally an obstacle to receiving grace. Free sanctifying grace is available in the sacrament and all we have to do is put our pride away and confess our sins. It took God beating me down so low where I had no pride left, that I finally went. Don’t wait that long!

Anyway, when I finally went, I was totally ashamed and disgusted with my sins. I told the priest I had not been in years and then I told him my sins. I braced myself for chastisement–but instead the priest got all joyful and excited–haha, he couldn’t contain himself. He just went on and on about how awesome it was that I was coming back to the sacrament (yes, he said awesome, he was a very young priest :smiley: ) and how great it was that I had decided to amend my life and turn from these sins, while also not neglecting to point out the harm these sins were doing to me.:thumbsup:

That priest has since been transferred to take over as pastor of a new parish, but I still go to confession almost every week. It is an amazing sacrament!

Praying for you!


Kevin, I was away from the church for more years than you have lived and I was terrified to go to confession and return to the Church. I cannot tell you what a terrible burden was magically lifted from my shoulders. I thank God everyday for His forgiveness and love. There is nothing you can tell a priest that he has not already heard, or worse. It is hard to admit that we have sinned in sometimes mortal ways, but the feeling you will have once you do it is better than I can describe to you. I will pray for your strength, courage and grace, as you ask, and I will also pray for humility for you as well. God bless you. Now go to it!


I almost envy you. It feels so good when it’s over!

Here’s a tip: practice. Say it out loud to yourself. Make it short. truthful and modest (meaning no flamboyance). No frills. No excuses. No camouflage. Use the ugly word(s). I have done X about Y number of times over a period of Z time (or whatever). Say it until you can say it without choking to death and then go to confession and DO it!

Just DO it! Play the man!

The hard grace of a good confession is one of the more wonderful things Our Lord is holding out to you in love.


I think I would feel worse for the priest – considering what they have to listen to, especially in today’s world…


Thanks everyone for the prayers and encouragement.

Just DO it! Play the man!

That especially helped:p . I plan to go soon though. Probably this Saturday or next Tuesday. I want to be able to pray and fast a little bit before hand though, so I’m thinking Tuesday?


Only you can know the right timing. But don’t use preparation as an excuse for procrastinating. On the other hand, don’t be in such a rush to get it over with that you neglect the preparation. Pray about this. The Boss will let you know. I’m praying that the priest on duty will be hand picked to hear this confession!


Hi Kevin,

It sounds like you have been thinking about this a lot so I would go to Confession at the first possible opportunity. Use the Ten Commandments as your guide. I will keep you in my prayers. I returned to Confession after many years and thought I was going to literally pass out while standing in line. But I didnt and when I was absolved of my sins, it was one of the best feelings in the world and I felt like a ton of weight had been lifted off me. Dont put off receiving God`s mercy and forgiveness because it is a wonderful gift. Remember, it is God waiting for you in the Confessional. Try thinking of it as Reconcillation because that is what you will be going.

It is also perfectly okay to tell the priest you are nervous because you have been away from Confession for so long. You might try to also go early so that you won`t feel rushed. I know it is scary, but you are going to be so glad you went. I will pray you have the strength and courage to go soon. God is waiting for you and there is nothing to be afraid of!!



Prayed for you.

Hey, don’t stall any more. One of Satan’s greatest tricks is to convince people to wait. Later, I’ll do it later, it will be better later…


You will feel so much better after you have been to confession.

I went back after a 30 year absence and the priest never blinked an eye at some of the truly awful things I confessed. He was very happy that I had returned to my faith and gave me some good advice.

I was very nervous about going, but I felt like a new person after it was finished.


Kevin, tomorrow is Saturday - 99.9% of all parishes have confession on Saturdays. Don’t put it off another week! Just take a deep breath and picture Jesus and all the angels and saints waiting for you inside that confessional, just urging you with all their might to come on in.


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