pray for me


iI need prayers i’m a Alcoholic and a drug adict and a sex aholic please pray for me so i can beat all these::slight_smile:


I’m here for you brother, I got your back in prayer…


Praying for you to Blessed Matt Talbot - patron of addicts of all kinds, and a powerful intercessor.


Praying :gopray:


Praying here…:gopray:


Praying and praying again for you:cool:


I will pray for you.


You’re in my prayers. :gopray2:


You have my prayers my friend:signofcross:


I think that you asking for prayers and acknowledging that you have these addiction is the first step to recovery. I will certainly pray for you to be free of all addictions. Go to daily Mass if you can and go often to confession for this will help to break the addiction, even if you fall, go back again and again to confession. It will take time, but you and the Lord together, can do it.


May our Lord heal you of these addictions and lead you to the best support groups to help you live a holier life. Daily Mass is a great idea. And frequent confession as well.


Praying for you.


Praying for you.


Nothing is impossible with God’s help. I have mentored and worked with women with addiction and have learned much from their journey from addiction to freedom. I have learned that drugs do not cure drugs. That only through Jesus and praying and praying in times of temptation can you win. You can’t give into temptation when you pray. You might have to pray all night, or until sleep takes you. Nothing wrong with that.

I pray for the intercession of St Michael, of St. Paul and all our friends in heaven who have dealt with this heavy kind of temptations to lift their souls in prayer for this man. Those especially who we do not know as saints, but are seated before the throne of God, who have won the battle on earth and now see His Face, to intercede in a powerful way for you, today.

Lord Jesus, in your mercy and love, heal this man, so he can be a Testimony to your Love

God Bless


I will pray for you and I will ask Jesus to heal you of all these things.


It will be my privilege to pray for you.


Praying for you to conquer these trials soon. One step at a time. With the Lord’s help and compassion may you soon take each step needed to bring you true happiness and contentment.


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