Pray For My Boyfriend Husband To be

**Please pray for my boyfriend to change i think he doen’t want to support me and my baby anymore i want him to change before i got tired of understanding him i love him so and our baby girl too please pray for us:( **

I’ll pray for you

Prayers for you, your baby, and your boyfriend. May peace of heart and mind be with you all.

I pray your boyfriend is enlightened, and that he sees the joy in supporting his child and not see it as a burden.

Praying for your boyfriend…

Praying for your boyfriend. :gopray:

Will keep your intentions in daily prayer…

I’ll remember this in prayer. God bless you all!


Praying for you, your baby and your boyfriend.

St. Andrew, pray for us.




thanks guys pls continue to pray for us message me at yahoo messanger i need some advice here’s my id

or e-mail me at yahoomail
please guyz i need some advice i think im gonna give up and dont know what to do to our daughter if i broke up with him :frowning: :confused:

Akira - you, your baby and boyfriend are in my prayer.

Akira, pray the Rosary!

I will pray for you.

Please don’t give up! I agree! Pray the rosary! It’s a very powerful prayer. I will pray the rosary tonight for your intentions. I’m a mother who will soon be a grandmother. My 19 yr old son’s girlfriend is pregnant and due very soon. I have been praying the rosary for my son and I have to tell you that it does work.
Again…please don’t give up! If you have to talk to someone, call your parish and ask to talk to your priest. He’ll lend you an ear and also pray with you. Let us know how you’re doing. God Bless You!

Both of you have my prayers.

Praying for him to have a change of heart and realize how blessed he is.


Just wondering how you are? Still praying


now i just let things happen i know god has a plan for us i just wish he changed:(

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