Pray for my brother and his girlfriend


Hi Everyone,

Please pray for my twin brother and his girlfriend. They are having a pregnancy scare right now, and since she is already a single mother, a young boy from a previous relationship, and in school, she is not interested in repeating the experience. She has a Doctor’s appointment Tuesday. If the results are positive, she has already decided to terminate the pregnancy.

There are obviously serious ramifications, if she decides to keep the baby. We come from a very traditionally Catholic family, and honestly I’m not sure how my mother would react to the news. I’m afraid, as I’m sure my brother is, that our family would be ripped apart by the news.

I ask you all to pray for a few things, 1) that if the news is an unplanned pregnancy that they make the right decision and let the baby live, 2) That if they decide to have the child, that my family accepts their decision, and doesn’t react in a way that causes a major rift, 3) If the test is negative, that my brother and his girlfriend choose a path that will allow them to express their love for each other without the sex, clearly they are not ready for this from several standpoints, including marriage, careers, finances, etc.

I’m very worried for my brother, as I’m not sure what they weight of the potential abortion would have on his conscience. We all know the psychological ramifications of such an act on the woman, but I don’t often hear much about the father when he is opposed, and his opposition is ignored.

I think you all.



I will pray for your brother
and his girl friend


If she is preganant see if you can convince them to visit your local Crisis Pregancy center. I have counseled a lot of couples in this situation and when the facts are laid out to them in a loving non confrontational manner the often change their minds.


I pray for your brother. these things are really hard. i pray they practice chastity. i also pray for the baby of his girlfriend. God bless you and your lots.:heart: :gopray:


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