Pray for my Brother


I need prayer for my brother, who has for a long time, been a slave to alcohol. This makes him hateful to everyone and everything and I fear terribly for the state of his soul. I’ve been through what he is going through (I drank for 27 years) and by the grace of God was saved from certain disaster by being blessed with time and wisdom to know the difference. Satan speaks through him during his drunkenness with a great anger and fear, which he particularly directs towards me and the Catholic Church, respectively. Thank you all for your help. I know that your prayers help, as they have for me in the past when I asked you for your prayers concerning my aunt in her illness, which has abated considerably. Thanks Be to God!
Jerald Franklin Archer


I will keep your brother in my prayers, Tartini. My dh has four brothers, and they all suffered at one point or another with alcohol–probably because they grew up with a dad who struggled with it. I will hold your brother in my Rosary tomorrow…and throughout this week. God bless.


Thank you for your prayers and rosary prayers. As you stated, and it is a common belief, that alcoholism is a genetic disease, a “family curse” which only by complete abstinence, and a massive amount of willpower and prayer, can at least be kept in check, if not entirely overcome. An early congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! May God continue to Bless you and your family!
Jerald Franklin Archer (Tartini)


I have often wondered why that is…my husband can have a few beers, without a problem–but his other brothers (one continues to go to AA for support, even though he has been sober for over a decade) and the others just quit cold turkey, never to touch the stuff again. I wonder if it’s a combination of seeing a parent as an alcoholic, and thinking it’s ‘normal,’ and also if it physically is passed down like through a gene, or something??

Thankfully, I have not had this issue, but know that it can place a choke hold on people like nothing else. So sorry about your brother, and please know I’ll be praying for him to get well.*

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I Will Pray For Your Brother
Grandma Glor


Prayers going up now for your brother.


Praying for your brother. May God grant him release from this awful affliction.


Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.


O Theotokos, we proclaim your wonders that pour forth from your icon, “The Inexhaustible Cup”, and with tears we pray to you: Save us all from the passion of drunkenness and from other addictions and sins, and teach us, O Pure One, to abstain from all impurity, and to sing to God: ALLELUIA!


Heavenly Father, please help Jerald’s brother heal from the devastating effects of alcohol. Please help him fight the power it has over him and allow him to open up to You instead. Please heal the relationships he has with his family and friends who have been hurt by the effects alcohol has on him. Please open his heart and mind to hear Your Word and give him strength and courage through You to make the change he desparately needs to make in his life. We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord, AMEN.


Amen to SweetHart’s prayer.

I can guess how sad and helpless you feel, Jerald.
One of my four brothers was alcoholic, except that he was always a sweetie drunk or sober, just sad when drinking. He was free for 12 years, but then his marriage broke up. Jerald, I know how helpless we all felt.

I ask Jesus to send Your Holy Spirit powerfully into this unhappy man. Please give him grace and means to overcome, to be healed, and to find wholeness.


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