Pray for my close friend...I think she might be called to the Faith

One of my closest friends who is a non-denominational Christian picked up a book by St. Teresa of Avila by chance and loved it. I really think that this might be the beginning of a journey to the Catholic faith for her, so please pray! Thank you so much!

Well done, St. Teresa! Praying as I type…hard to do…typos. Backspace is a good key.

I’ll pray for her!

May she hear the calling of the Holy Spirit.

Hey! That’s how Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) came to the faith. Gotta be careful messin’ with Teresa of Avila!

Your dear friend has my prayers :slight_smile:

I will pray that her journey doesn’t take as long as mine…:shrug:

she’s blessed to have you as a friend!


St Theresa is a strong advocate! Praying for your friend!

I will pray for your friend.


My prayers for you :gopray2:

Will keep your friend in prayer…Blessings - Barb


Will be praying for your friend!

God will rejoice when one comes home!

I’ll pray for your friend. :gopray:


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