Pray for my dad


My dad just lost his job. He was the breadwinner for himself, his wife, and their two baby sons. Pray not only that he will find the strength to rise to meet this path God has placed before him, but that he will come to realize that he is more than just a paycheck and food on the table. He is quiet, meloncholy, and distant whenever I talk to him now. He seems almost ashamed, which is not something you want to see in your father. Pray for his emotional as well as financial situation.


Father in the name of Jesus please help this good man to have hope, self-respect, and courage to continue, and to find work.
Jesus have mercy on him and his family. I ask You humably and sincerely. Jesus please help.


Praying for your family…


I’m praying for your father Apromisemade, to receive our Lord Graces, for hope and courage, peace and comfort.


Your father and family are in my prayers.


Praying very hard for him and his family!


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