Pray for my discernment for priesthood


Hello my fellow Catholics,

I ask to offer a prayer in the Mass for my discernment for priesthood. I need plenty of help


I will be praying for you during this time. May God bless you in whatever decision you make.


Prayers for you - both in your deployment to Iraq and your discernment. Prayers for all going through military service and discerning a vocation too.


I will pray for your vocation at my daily mass.

God bless.


You are in my prayers…God Bless :slight_smile:




First of all, I ask Saint Michael and his legion of angels to protect you and keep you safe. I pray that he, through the power of God, opens up windows of time for you to pray and discern in peace and in safety, without distraction.

Lord Jesus, you call only the best to be Your hands and feet in this most special way - the priesthood. If it is Your will for this man to follow you, make Your voice so clear and so strong that it gives him a strength that will last a lifetime.

And a special prayer to your guardian angel to keep watch, keep alert, be mindful to our Lord and to guide you in His path of righteousness, no matter what.


God Bless you in this period of discernment, and forever.


I will pray for your discernment.


You’re in my prayers. :gopray:


You are in my a.m. rosary


Praying for your continued safety in Iraq

Praying for your calling - whatever service it may be needed in - may it be revealed to you soon and give you peace and understanding. God Bless.


I did not know you were in Iraq…adding you to my list of intentions for that and for discernment. :blessyou:


Manny, you have my prayers also for your safety in Iraq and for your discernment. I had a friend who at about your age, he was 27 yr. old, wondered if he should be a priest. He still dated and loved women. I prayed for years, even after I lost touch, not knowing if he got married. I just prayed that if he was meant to be married that the Lord would provide him with a Holy Catholic woman and if he was to be a priest that he would know this and be a holy priest. I learned of his entering seminary about the year 2001 sometime from his grandmother. I called the grandmother, but her number and address were not to be found. Her number was disconnected. I had to contact my friend’s parents via mail and my friend called me. He became a priest this June. So if the Lord wants you, He will get you. I will say the same prayer I said for him for you.

I will pray that you stay safe while in the military. I just adopted a “trooper” a military person who via this organization gets mail from me and packages. It is a great organization. I don’t think you guys always have a priest around or even Mass daily, but I did hear you do have Mass on Sundays. I hope that is true for you. I found this out from a friend who just came home from there, but for only a year, he has to go back.


Manny you are in my prayers!


I am praying for you. God bless you.




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