Pray for my First Grader

My youngest daughter Olivia (7yo) is having a terrible time starting the first grade. It seems that the first 2 weeks weren’t too bad, she did pretty well. But the last two weeks have been misery for her. She sits in her class and sobs most of the day, won’t go out to play with the other kids, and we just don’t know what to do. She has 4 children in her class from her preschool last year. She’s in a very safe, smallish Catholic school (and her older 11yo sister is in the same building). My wife works a couple of days a week in the school on scrip and our daughter knows where to find her, goes to her and cries uncontrollably to where she has to be restrained so her mom can leave.

Please pray that Olivia overcomes these anxieties and feels safe.

I will be praying for her…

A similar problem occured with my neice about 12 years ago. My sister also worked at the school. The teacher suggested to my sister that she needed to pretend not to be staying at the school. It worked… when my neice thought her mother wasn’t there, she quit crying and finally settled into her new class.

Lord Jesus, please help Olivia know that you are with her, and that she has nothing to fear. Let her feel your loving presence surrounding her, and give her confidence and joy. Help us all to remember that you are with us always, of which we are eternally grateful. We love you, Amen. :crossrc: :heart: :hug1:

Praying for Olivia…


Thank you and please keep Olivia in your prayers the next several days. She is a bright shiny penny, as a kind, loving, generous, and thoughtful as a child can be.

May you look down on your child, Lord, and embrace her in Your loving care. Guide her, and let her guardian angel and the Holy Spirit always give her strength and guidance.

:gopray: Praying.
May her Guardian Angel make her feel protected and safe and may the love of Mary surround her and give her the peace and confidence she needs to enjoy her school.

It wouldn’t hurt to find out if there is someone at school teasing her, hurting her, frightening her in any way. It sounds strange that she started going joyfully and suddenly can’t stop crying when she is there.

Dear ChinaDad…Will keep dear little Olivia in daily prayer that her anxieties will cease and she will be happy and joyous to go off to school, making many happy friends…God bless you and yours - Barb

Olivia is in my prayers. :gopray:

Thank you all for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated and still needed. Dad dropped her and her sister off today, and she got out of the car ok. We’d been talking about the passing of one of my older daughter’s (11yo) classmate’s mother, and the funeral is today. So I think that kind of kept Olivia’s mind off her worries for a bit, but please keep praying for her. She is such a sweety.

Also, please pray for Nolan (my older daughter’s classmate), his father, and his mother who passed away fairly suddenly. She had been sick and a bloodclot broke loose and went to her heart. The funeral is this morning (9-12-07), so they could really use your prayers too.

Thank you, and God’s peace be with you all.

Thank you for your prayers. Olivia did a little better yesterday. Please keep her in your prayers awhile longer.

Mother Mary, please be with Olivia today. Let her know that you are watching over her and keeping her safe. Amen.

All I want is for the world to be kind to my little girl and love her as much as I do. Is that too much to ask?


ChinaDad, Jesus knows what it’s like to be alone and afraid. I’m sure He’s with Olivia, taking good care of her. :heart: :console:

Prayers continue…

Mother of Perpetual Help,

Come to aid Olivia in these days of trial for her. Keep her close to you, enveloped by one side of your cloak until she can walk more by herself. We ask that you would keep her company if she feels lonely, and comfort her if she feels troubled. Big girls have bad days sometimes more than one and it’s okay. We ask you to also give her the grace she needs to persevere.


Praying for Olivia

Thank you all for your prayers. Olivia is doing much better! :thumbsup: No tears the last two days and in fact she got her card pulled yesterday for “visiting with her neighbor”, so she’s feeling much more comfortable. I’m just hoping that she feels as comfortable next Monday, after being away from school for the weekend.

**All Glory and Praise be to God!!! **


Great news you have shared with us…giving thanks…continuing to keep Olivia in prayer…

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