Pray for my friend


I would like to ask you all to pray for my friend, and me. I have been recently praying a Rosary Novena for my friend’s conversion. I think I am about at the stage where I am going to bring up the topic of God to them.

This person has neither rejected Christ nor accepted him. This person just has been brought up not knowing about God. I pity this person so much, and I physically hurt every time this person takes a step away form the Lord.

Please pray that the Blessed Virgin will have pity on her, and bring her into the loving arms of her son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Also pray that the Holy Ghost may give me the courage, and the words that I need.


LORD Jesus
Guide Ur Son


Praying for you, your friend and your intentions.




Will pray for you and your friend. :blessyou:


Thank you all!


Praying for your intentions.


Praying… I have friends like this, too, and the prayers of the good folks here have been a tremendous help. God bless both of you.


Still praying!




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