Pray for my mom


I would like to ask for some prayers for my mother. She has had a heck of a time for the past 5 years since my step-father (her husband) passed away from a sudden heart attack. She is having a tough time with her job, is living with friends because she can’t afforf her own place and is looking for another job back in her home town. I would just like for a few people to pray that she will find a good job, one that pays her bills and maybe a little extra and that she will finally be happy and a little stress free. Thank you.


Praying for Marvi’s mom.

May she find peace and comfort soon and be consoled by her loving family. May God’s plan for her unfold with compassion and relieve her fears, anxieties, and worries. May her life be filled with joy and happiness so richly deserved. May our Holy Mother Mary watch over her and show her mercy and love.

God Bless Marvi and her mom through these tough times on their faith journey.


I will include all of you in my night prayers.


Praying for your Mom!


~~ the phoenix


May Mary watch over her. May Jesus console her.

God bless


Praying for your mom today. :gopray2:


Dear marvi43,
I have prayed for you dear mom today, that God will grant her financial and job security, a place of her own, and relief from her awful stress.

And I have asked Mary, in her immaculate heart, to pray to God for your mom for the same things.

God bless you,


Praying for your mum. :gopray:


Will offer up a Hail Mary for your mom before the Blessed Sacrament today.


Prayers for your Mom!!



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