Pray for my Mother and Father


:slight_smile: Please pray for my Father who is suffering from dementia. His conditions gets worse all the time. At the same time pray for my Mother who is his caretaker at the same time she is dealing with her own knee replacement and back surgery. Please pray that they keep there good attitude and strength to deal with each other as they have for 53 years.


It is always touching to see faithfulness like this, after all these years. May God always bless them, and reward them for such devotion they have for each other.


I will be praying for them. :crossrc:


:signofcross: **Praying for your parents **:gopray2:


God bless your parents and your family. Blessed Mother and St. Joseph, guard, guide and protect them.


Jesus pour your grace on this family and help them in their hour of need. AMEN


Your parents are in my prayers…




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