Pray for my nephew in constant pain


My hephew who was born with severe scoliosis and low muscle tone has endured over 80+ operations in his 14 years. At this point his back hurts constantly and the doctor’s don’t have any more answers. Please pray for him. He is such an angel and a smart boy who is looking forward to high school in the fall.


I will pray for your nephew. :gopray:


I will offer up my rosary this morning for your nephew. :gopray:


He will be included in my prayers offered before the Holy Eucharist at Adoration tomorrow. :gopray2::gopray2:


I will remember him in my prayers today. God bless and keep him.


I will pray for your nephew. I have scoliosis too (very mild), and I will offer up my aches and pains today for his healing. Can we have a first name for him?


Thank you for your prayers. His name is Luis.


Praying for Luis and a return to health and happiness as all teenagers should be. May his family also be comforted through these trying times - parents feel like helpless at a time like this - may they find peace in their love and inner strength within. God Bless.


Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. We just found out he will have to have another major surgery this Friday . He will have to spend three months in a hospital in another town. It is really tough for his family. He was in the hospital last fall for several months as well. We pray that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.




We can all ask John Paul the Great (ex-pope John Paul II) to pray for him and his family…at least one miracle in related to crippling diseases has been attributed to him.

God bless

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