Pray for my patient & my husband

Please pray for my patient, an 11 month year old that has cancer.
Please also pray for my husband with lung disease. He will soon need oxygen. I am adding all prayer intentions here to my own & to St. Monica pray for us!
Thank you. Lord Jesus I trust in you.

Praying for your intentions. :gopray:

My prayers for all.:signofcross:

Will pray for your patient and your husband and you.

Fr. Solanus so many times those came to you when they knew not where else to turn. See to it that all proper knowledge has been gleaned for this child and for this man. We ask that our Lord would heal them. Give them each peace through this suffering and their families peace also. Please pray for each of these God’s children in their time of need. We ask our Father to give these families who are suffering along side rest and an end to anxiety but a stronghold of hope in You our Father. Father you are Ultimate Physician and we trust you will bring healing.




I’m sorry to hear this, Brenda…I’m praying for you.

:crossrc:for your patient; :crossrc:for your husband, & :crossrc: for you, as you deal with all of this.

I will keep you, your husband, and your patient in my prayers.




Praying for your patient and husband…


Keeping in prayer your child cancer patient and your husband. Thank you for your own prayers for us…

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