Pray for my physics classes


Really hoping and praying that it doesn’t come to that.

I have come across some really abusive people so I empathize with you.

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I called my dad that, if I drop this, he needs to help me find some other place to live. He told me that, if it comes to that, he will move out with me.



Praying that God takes care of you.

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So, it turns out my biology program changed to require only two quarters of physics, so I can drop this one and still graduate winter quarter as I was planning. And my summer classes costed me nothing because of my scholarship, so it is not a waste of money to drop. My dad is supportive, but my mom hates me for dropping, so my home life is going to be terrible this summer because my mom works part time. I’m probably going to have to camp in a public library on the days that she is home. Pray her anger cools soon. People drop classes all the time at my school and she is acting like I’m the only one who ever does it.


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