Pray for My Room-Mate

Please pray for my Room-Mate ,his name is Rajesh,age 23 Years.
He is always ready to Quarrel with me and start a fight, but i always keep silent . I dont know what is going on in his Personal life, but i really want to pray for him and doesnt want Satan to have control over him. Please pray for him so that he become a good human being. :frowning:

It is such a noble thought from your side. I will certainly pray for Rajesh for the peace within himself and with you.

All the best!

I ask the Lord that your good examply will help your roomate to seek and find ways to deal with his problems, and with you, more peacefully. I ask Him to help you relate to him wisely.
I ask the Lord to help you to keep growing as a Christian and to bless you, your family, and your friends

Praying for your room-mate.

Praying for him through the intercession of St. Michael.

Praying for your room mate. Praying that St. Jude will intervene with a miracle for you and that you will be surrounded by the love of the Holy Spirit and continue to feel God’s presence in all that you do. Please know I will continue to pray for you. Diane

Praying for you and Rajesh to live harmoniously as roommates

Praying for you and room mate.


Praying for your happiness and peace of mind and that Rajesh will wise up!

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