Pray For My Sister, Bil & Their 3 Small Kids!


Dear CAF Prayer Warriors: I beg you to please pray for my sister, Tara, her estranged (soon to be ex-husband), Marc and their 3 kids (Keenan 9, Jordan 7 and Logan 4)… The short of it is that their marriage seems to be irreconcilable… and she now has been advised by friends and even a Christian clergyman (sadly-she left the Catholic church— the faith of our childhood-- prior to even getting married… so please pray for her return to the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church as well!) that they feel that there is a small but tangible risk of violence to her or their kids from Marc…so, unwilling to take even a small risk with her kids, she is planning on taking the kids back to our home state (where mom/dad and siblings and friends live), establish residency and file for divorce. [Marc is in no position financially to follow — at least not initially-- and distance at least will remove any “crimes of passion”]. Please pray for peace in all of their relationships and that Marc and Tara can do what is best for their children, who are truly the innocents in this pitiable situation… Thank you and may God bless you for your prayers!


Praying for your sister Tara and her family.


Praying for your sister and her family.


Praying for the family.


Praying for your sister and her whole family that this all too often scenario is resolved peacefully and with God’s full grace, love, and compassion to protect all hearts involved.


Praying for all of them.


:knight1: :signofcross: Praying :crossrc: :knight1:


Praying for your intentions.


St. Rita, patron of desperate causes, pray for this family…


Praying for the safety of your sister and her husband along with the children. Praying for integrity to be brought where there is lacking. Praying for healing to be done where it is necessary. Praying for good godly guidance for all.


:signofcross: praying for your sister and family. mamawm


I will pray for these intentions.


My prayers for all your family :crossrc:




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