Pray for my son, new altar server

My son Alex, age 9, will have the honor of serving for the very first time on this upcoming Sunday. He is very nervous and wants to be reverent while remembering all of the things he will need to do. Please pray for him as he begins in this very important service to our Church.

Thank you,


I pray that his service in the Church might make him grow more in faith.

I’ll be praying for Alex. I remember my nervous first day as an altar server. I hope he looks back on this Sunday in many years to come.

Prayers. Tell him not to worry too much if he isn’t perfect - I’m sure most altar servers aren’t the first time!

Prayers for him!

Thats cool. My 9 y.o. son serves twice a month. He’s very reverent but does goofy things at times. My little ones walk by him at communion and say “hi” to him:rolleyes:. In my prayers, Tim




Your son has my prayers!

:thumbsup: **I have prayed that he’s not too nervous and all goes well, I’m sure he will do just fine. I think the parents get more nervous, my son is an alter server too, I like seeing him serve. **:blessyou:

He will be in my prayers. Bless his heart, I admire him.:gopray:


I shall, how pleased you must be. Good luck:thumbsup:

Your son is in my prayers.

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