Pray for my son, preparing for marriage


Please pray for my son and his fiance. They will be married 16th of June. Please pray for their marriage and for their conversion. My son has fallen away and she has no church. I got half my prayers answered - they are getting married.

Lord, turn their hearts to You. Let a burning desire to know You and love You be born in their hearts. May they return to the One True Church and experience Marriage as a Sacrament. May You strengthen their relationship with love and help them to truly commit to one another. Bless them and grant them the gifts they need to make this marriage last a lifetime.

Through Christ Our Lord, the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph,



I am praying for your son and his fiance. I do think somewhere in your son’s baptised soul there is a homing beacon of sorts that will call him home, and hopefully he will be able to help lead his family back too.


Prayers to the Holy Family are headed their way!!


I am getting married the week after them.

God bless their marriage, and may He lead them toward the sacramental marriage.

God bless
Aaron Magnan


Prayers on their way. :gopray:




Your son and fiance are in my prayers.


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