Pray for my sons

Please pray for my two sons. Both of them have doubts of the faith and have bought into the culture of relativity so prevalent in the universities today. One still continues to go to Mass, but the other refuses to attend. They are both over the age of 18. Please pray that they will see the lies of this society.

Praying for your sons.

Will do.

I remember what a RC priest says: you give them religion. Intelligent people always come around and come back.

My mother prayed for a long time for me to return.

Stubborn as a mule, I have!

Keep praying.

God bless.

St. Monica prayed 40 ys. for her son, St.Augustine and God’s call was great. So will your prayers be.
There is a great website for young people. Here is a link for one about college students too.
We have two college age sons as well. I will keep your family in my prayers.

Lord I pray that the seeds of your loved planted in these young men begin to grow and bring them back into your graces. Please hear our prayers Father, in the name of your son Jesus I pray…AMEN



Praying for your sons

Prayers for your sons. :crossrc:

Please join the St Monica prayer group that Maggieodae started. She typed out many beautiful prayers for us to recite each day. The thread is Prayer for Fallen Away Family Members.

We will be praying for each other.


Thank you so much for pointing me to the thread. I agree, there are some beautiful prayers listed there. Thank you so much.


Keeping them in my prayers.

When I hear these stories, in addition to St. Monica, I think of Fr. John Copari’s testimony (not saying your sons are in that big of a mess)…

I will pray for them.


I sure hope it never gets that bad!! :eek::smiley:

Thanks for your prayers.


Will keep your sons in prayer… JMJ

Praying for your sons…

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