Pray for my soul and I'll pray for yours


Anyone who prays for my soul and posts it on this thread: I will pray for yours too when I see your post. Is it a deal? Thank you!



:thumbsup: DEAL

*** You will be in my prayers, and I thank you for yours!***

Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us, and increase Your mercy in us, so that in difficult moments we might not despair, nor become despondent, but with great confidence, submit ourselves to Your Holy Will, which is Love and Mercy itself. Amen


Father in the name of Your Son I ask You to flood the soul of our friend with the love and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

I pray the following on behalf your behalf, Strngrnrth

My everything, our God, I give to You—every breath, each cell, all that I ever am, have or do.

Now I ask for Your everything—whatever You wish to give to me and to others through me.

Please nurture and grant this everything growth, blossom and fruit. Then that everything I do give to You—in time and eternity.

Abba let me not be wasted
My Father, please do not let me be wasted! I cling to you with eyes full of knowledge of my sinfulness, raised pleadingly to Yours. I know that You cannot reject me, with love great as Yours. You gaze at me with tenderness as tears trickle from my heart.

Father, let me not be wasted. Throughout the ages, only now do I have opportunity for a lifetime of faith and love to benefit others and to seek eternal joy. You know I try to love and serve, but inadequately, and might despair except for Your love. Instead, I lean my cheek to Yours, knowing that You cannot turn me away, and that Your heart moves with irrepressible pity!

I am only a scrap of humanity crippled by sinfulness and doubt, who slipped past Your great and holy ones, into Your arms. Yet I am a person, redeemed, therefore, You may use me to serve the kingdom of Your love. You may use me to delight the deep recesses of Your heart!

I open to You all my sinfulness, along with any merit granted to me. Into Your mercy, I surrender all goodness, all iniquity of my life—for to withhold anything from You is ‘‘privacy’’ and ‘‘a possession’’ that could ruin Your life in me. Although I am tempted to lose heart before my sinfulness and lukewarmness facing Your resplendent holiness, I know that, despite frailty and difficulties, You can bring good beyond all human thought and ways.

Do not let me be wasted, Father. Little is possible to me, but all is to You. Two humble loaves, five paltry fish, can in divine hands break to feed a multitude! I do not doubt divine foolishness in love that gives a-billion fold for gift of the little that I am. Nothing in me or in my life justifies such extravagant hope. Yet Your eyes sparkle softly with delight and I am lost within their depths and found within Your all powerful, transforming, compassionate and unconditional love.

In response to human sin, Father, You mercifully give us Christ and Church, saints and martyrs, forgiveness and redemption, sacrament and grace, love, and everlasting life. Glimpsing the mystery of so vast divine compassion, I dare to ask for everything, for each holy soul…for each person who strives and suffers…for each poor soul, frail, misled, errant, or ordinary.

I plead for each person who dares not presume to come so close to Your loving heart, even if his or her merit is far greater than is mine! For each soul, I ask of You the fullness of Your prayer for them, the full treasure of the name and nature that You intend for each, within time and eternity.

Speak in me, in us, beyond our limited, worldly thoughts, ways and dreams. I trust entirely to You, within my life that is Your own life and sacrament within me. Leave nothing to me—although I will try the best that I can manage. Please Yourself utter and answer all Your love’s hope and intent, with the powerful liberty of creativity, choice, action and love that You yearn to loose in Your children, if only we would cooperate with humility and trust!

In all things, I surrender to the fullness of Your purpose and prayer for me and for others whom You wish to bless through me. I do so especially in the Eucharist, the highest prayer of the whole Mystical Body throughout time, in its true function, actuality and effect. For I am Yours, and plead endlessly in my heart, that you do not allow waste of this little human vessel at Your breast, insignificant as it is except in You.

Thank You Father that I can hope in Your merciful love that embraces even the ‘least’ of persons.

And I’ll remember you at Mass today, Strngrnrth. Now by your bargain you have to pray for me! :slight_smile:

But I’d have prayed for you anyway!



Today is St. Maximilan Kolbe’s Feast Day:

St. Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us!

Quote from today’s front page of the Universalis Website:

Maximilian Kolbe’s martyrdom is the least important thing about him. We are none of us likely to find ourselves in a position to emulate his sacrifice, and speculation as to the heroic way in which we would have behaved in his place is a pernicious waste of time. What is important is that he acted the way he did because of who he was – or, rather, because of who he had become. It is because of who he had become that we revere him as a saint: he would have been a saint (though perhaps not canonised) even if he had not been martyred. And that process of becoming is something we can all emulate. We can all become people for whom doing the right thing is obvious, natural, and easy. It requires no heroism, no special gifts: just perseverance, and prayer.

Praying for you through the intercession of this saint, and in fact you’re on a prayer list of mine so you’ve often been remembered on visits to the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel.

~~ the phoenix


I’m no RC, so in some peoples’ view I probably shouldn’t even be posting here, but:

What on Earth?!?!?!

Is this some kind of “Do, ut des”-thing you guys have got going on? You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours?

Words don’t even begin to describe how wrong that attitude is. As Christians, we should pray for eachother regardles…


Thank you! I prayed the same prayer on your behalf just now.

Thank you! And I love the prayer you posted. I prayed it for you.

Thank you! That’s really sweet. I prayed the same thing for you.:gopray2: :signofcross: :amen:


You have my prayers my friend…


I have done so, and, will continue to do so.

Although no ‘deal’ was necessary … I really do appreciate your
prayers, as well. :slight_smile:

May God Bless You. :crossrc:


You will be in my and my wife’s daily prayers


O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our most gentle Queen and Mother defend Strngrnrth in both body and soul.



Praying for your soul.


Praying for all of you in return. Thank you.


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