Pray for my vocation


Dear Forum

I ask your prayers for my vocation. I have always thought of being a Priest. Yes I have my highs and lows, (I’m still pretty low), however, this calling I think I have remains.

  1. I feel very drawn to the celibate life, Living chastely and purely, in Holy celibacy

  2. I have always had this “calling”. From the time I was knee high till now

  3. I feel drawn towards the Pure, the Holy, the Sacred. Away from the mediocre and mundane things of this world

  4. The world is passing by, however as long as the Red Sanctuary Lamp is on, I’ve found my home.

  5. I want to get married. I want to get married to Our LORD. It is HIS BODY that I wish to caress on the Altar every morning

  6. I see a world mired and bogged down in sin. I want to show them the “WORD that leads all to freedom”, I want to take them to the “VIA, VERITAS ET VITA”. I want to be there for my spiritual children. I want to give them a shoulder to cry on, to be with them as they rejoice and mourn. I want to free the world from the snares of satan.

I pray after recieving HOLY COMMUNION, that If the LORD isnt calling me to Religious Life/Priesthood, then I ask HIM to lift this calling from me and remove this desire from my heart

I know I used a lot of “I” letters in the paragraph above. I am merely using the pronoun “I” to describe what I feel inside my heart. I am not using it as an indicator that I want my will to be done, however the english language doesnt provide me a way of speaking in third person understandably…

I read this article (On a different site) and I loved it. It describes how I feel about the Priesthood!!

I will be applying to either the Friars Immaculate or the Institute of CHRIST THE KING, Soverign Priest


I’m praying for you.

Don’t forget to post pictures of the rosaries you’ve made.


I finished the antler rosary, left it in truck


Classic “Doh” moment!!


I would love to see them too! I’ve been looking for a new way to evangelize and maybe making rosaries would be it! I’m praying for you and your vocation, but I’m also praying that you have a wonderful time at University and meet loads of new people as you learn theology and philosophy!!:rolleyes:


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