Pray for my wife and finances

Please prayer for Barbara, my wife, that she may come to understand how bad are finances are, how tight our budget is (we onyl have my disability income that does not go far enough), how vital it is that she get a job with health benefits (for her). Pray that she is able to find a job with health benefits and that it may bring happiness in her life.

Praying for your financial stability and health insurance for Barbara.


I will pray for you and for her.

Father, I ask in Jesus name that Barbra be given a complete understanding of the financial situation and that you guide her to the job she needs in order to obtain insurance coverage. I pray for the financial difficulties this family is having.


I will pray for discernment, opportunity and financial assistance for you and your family. I pray for good, open communication for you and your wife to go forward.

You have my prayers for yourself and Barbara :crossrc:

In the name of Jesus I pray that Barbara finds the job meant for her. One that she will find she enjoys, and one that will provide the health benefits they need. Amen.

Will keep Barbara in prayer along with your intentions JMJ

Praying for your wife and finances…

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