Pray for my wife and her son


Last night my wife was verbally abused by her son for over 2 1/2 hours. Please pray for her recovery (her psyche was hurt badly).

Please pray for her son too that he might overcome his bad habit of fit throwing and abusive behavior.



Praying for your wife and the healing of your Son. I went through many similar episodes with my own son and today is his 33rd birthday but I don’t know where he is…if he is alive or deceased. He was so very abusive (verbally AND physically) and an addict. I reached out to him so many times to help but turned out to just be an enabler. Now I pay a great price with a saddened heart. I pray that your wife and son are healed by a miracle and my type of experience will not be repeated. Keeping you in prayer, Diane




Praying for your wife and your son.


I will pray.


They have my prayers


Jesus please comfort this mother’s heart that’s so wounded by this lack of love from her son. Please reach his heart and help him to grow in love and appreciation of his mother.
My heart goes to her. Give her our love if you think that’s okay…Trishie


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