Pray for my wife


who had been battling cholosteral and tryglyceride problems for several years. Everytime she gets them under control, they go haywire again. It gets her down at times although she is an upbeat person most of the time.

Pray that her doctor will find something that will do the trick permanently.

Thanks and :blessyou:


Father, we humbly ask for a complete healing of this woman. Guide her doctors to a cure for the disorder she encounters. Give her the strength to face today and everyday hereafter… In Jesus name I pray… AMEN


May our awesome God, our ultimate healer, our consoler, and our strength bless your wife and heal her completely from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. May He bless your wife’s doctor(s), that they may find the right and fitting cure for her, that she may lead a healthy, fulfilling life in accordance with God’s will. All of this I lift up in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!


Praying for you wife.:gopray2:


Hey 244Rocket
Praying for your wife :signofcross:

I too suffer from a triglyceride problem, so I know exactly what she is going through and especially as a female, one is just so concious and aware of it. :console:
I am also still battlingphysically and emotionally: :crying:

I will pray especially for her and I, that Our Lady will intercede for us, and that our prayers may be answered. :amen:

Go well and God Bless


I will pray for your wife.

God Bless,



Will keep your wife in my prayers.




Praying for your wife…


Still praying for her!! I hope they’ve got everything under control now…


My prayers are with you!:signofcross:


Kept in prayer


Been there myself, praying


Yes, I have been there too…Especially, if it is genetic,( :frowning: like mine) those things can be very hard to control.:crossrc::crossrc:


My humble prayers…


Your wife is in my prayers. :gopray:


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