Pray for our local radio station


Our local Catholic radio station(in Omaha, NE) currently has just a 1500 watt signal that barely reaches the outskirts of town. They recently were able to come to an agreement to purchase a bigger station in Lincoln and move the signal to a tower closer to Omaha. They need to raise 5 million to be able to go through with it and currently have raised about half of that. They will either get a 54000 or 100,000 watt signal depending on their position on the tower. With that, they will be able to reach most eastern NE towns and some western Iowa towns as well. The station would go from reaching 660,000 people up to as many as 1.2 million+, as well as over half of those being in-home reception. How cool is that?:thumbsup:

Please pray that the money for this comes in as soon as possible, and that they get the bigger signal. And pray that however many of the 1.2 million that listen, they will take advantage of this blessing and be ready to share their faith with more people.


Praying for their success!


Dear Lord, in this economy, raising this kind of money is impossible. However, we know that nothing is impossible for You, and we seek Your help in raising the funds needed to spread Your word to a greater audience. Please, Lord, bring in the needed funds quickly, so this project can proceed. In Jesus name we pray.


holy Angels, pray for their fundraising


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