Pray for our patients - hospital and clinic


Our small, rural hospital had 30-some layoffs last week which included our courtesy transportation for patients within a 30-mile radius. We are now on a volunteer basis to provide this service. Pray that the the Lord sees our need and our patient’s need for this service and will send us good volunteers to provide it.

If our patients are unable to come to the dr when they need to, our numbers and budget and ultimately more jobs will suffer. Additionally, our patient’s health will suffer leading to more serious treatments needed by a provider who is able to afford less and less to provide for these patient’s care.

Ask that the Good Lord lay it on people’s hearts to reach out at this time to provide for one another. Where we are unemployed or underemployed and we have a surplus of time to give, may the Lord give us the gerosity to give where it’s needed.

Thank you all.


We know there is a great need but insufficient funds to support these ministries, please dear Lord, open the hearts of those who fund these much needed clinics and help them achieve the necessary monies to keep them open for those who need their services. We ask all these prayers through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Protect those who will be losing their jobs to find new positions.


Praying for your hospital and patients.


It dawned on me today how much we are all somewhat responsible for the current predicament our economy is in. For all the times I’ve had any surplus of money and I haven’t used it to meet the needs of my brothers and sisters who are in need and are therefore forced to buy things on credit. In recent department meetings, we, employees, have even offered to take paycuts or not take any more raises for the time being just to keep a job. It makes me wonder if any of our well-paid physicians would do the same. We are all accustomed to the lifestyles our income affords us, just at different levels. There are certain expendable luxuries/expenses that DH and I would no sooner sacrifice than say a physician sacrificing a ski-trip w/ his family. God, help us all and give us the heart of a servant!


This intention is in my prayers.


This intention is in my prayers.




Praying for your hospital, the employees and patients…


Praying very hard for all of you!


Father, please help those who are in need and suffering from the effects of the financial crisis. May you not forget those who provide vital services to the community. May you bless all those who work at hospitals, clinics, schools and other entities that benefit the community. These entities offer vital services for everyone in the community, please look after them as I am sure stories like Cecilia’s hospital is happening everywhere around America.


Offering prayers for those who suffer physically or mentally, and for those who care for them.

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