Pray for our POTUS and all world leaders


Let us all pray, fast, and do almsdeeds for our leaders and elected officials.

May God have mercy on and bless President Donald John Trump, and bless his wife First Lady Melania Trump and give her good health.

I pray all Catholics including myself heed the Church teaching in the CCC to vote as our civic duty and do it prayerfully.

God bless us


Digusted, yes. Giving up my vote – no way. Giving up my right to complain about the results – no way.


We still have a duty to vote as Catholics.

However, I feel your pain.

The American 2 party system is completely and utterly broken.


I will vote if there is a candidate worth voting for. (Last presidential election there was not)


There is no such religious duty. Looking at my Catholic grandparents, two were permanent residents and ineligible to vote. My other grandfather didn’t see the point, as he knew he was not a natural born citizen. My other grandmother did vote- but only once- for General Eisenhower. It was a traumatic experience for her, she couldn’t find the red button to register the vote and open the curtain and my grandfather had to go under the curtain and rescue her.


I’ll let you guys read through this warning from George Washington in his farewell address:


That said, your vote is a check on the two party system as much as it is a check on whatever party(ies) you oppose. Vote for a third party that you can agree with. The libertarian party (although you may disagree with their views) was very close to garnering enough support to enter the national debates (I believe it’s 5% of the vote in primaries).


My only duties are to love God and my neighbor, take care of my family, and pay my taxes and bills. I do all of those things. Everything outside that pales in importance.


Same. My decision in 2016 was to vote third party.


Nope. Because it it’s my responsibility to vote to protect the unborn, to protect our religious liberty, to prevent euthanasia, and to prevent the increasing influence of communism & socialism.

No other issues concern me.

Only one party is pushing these things. Democrats.

Regardless of how disgusted I may get with congressional Republicans and/or the White House, the Democratic Party still officially supports evil.

Unless they stop, I will never vote for another Democrat again.

God bless


I’m going to register independent and vote for whoever best fits Catholic teaching.



As I have said for the past few years, both parties have been serving up nothing but dog food. When that is all that is on the menu, I am not eating. If I vote at all, it will be for a worth-while candidate, and it will be pro-life.

There is no way on earth that I will EVER till the day I die vote for someone who stands behind legalization of murdering babies. If the opposing candidate is insane, or utterly repugnant, I reserve the right not to vote at all.

I cannot understand, for the life of me, how it is, that two political parties of the world’s last superpower, can serve up such garbage. I too share the OP’s disgust with the dog food we are served up at each election to eat, particularly in presidential and congressional elections.


One of the reasons I’m not independent is so I can vote in the primary.

Plus, I still stand by what I’ve said before on multiple threads. We need more practing Catholics to run for office. Catholics who put the Bible & the Catechism before their party.

And I still believe if every pro-life Catholic would simply join the Republican Party, we could make that party completely line up with Catholic Social teachings.

God Bless


I find it disgusting, but I will NOT give up my vote.

I find a candidate I can back – don’t care what party, if any, they belong to.

If enough people vote their conscience with a third party, a new party might actually be able to rise.


I don’t think so. In the history of American politics, no third party has ever replaced one of the top two.

When parties changed, it was always due to a party splitting into two and one party becoming the predominant party.

I strongly believe that if pro-life Catholics would simply join the Republican Party we can make it more of a Christian Party and more inline with Catholic Teachings.

As many have said before, if Catholics would simply put our faith first, instead of our political parties, we could change America quickly. But we don’t because too many of us put party platform before the Church.


I have a similar dilemma…

There will be general elections this year where I live. There are 35 registered parties. 32 of them are leftist. Some of us call them “32 shades of red”.

The other three (3) are conservative and or classic liberal (small state, free market etc.)

Is there a true Catholic party? Nope. Is there at least a group who bends the knee to Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Church? Not that I know of.

Thus, I don’t know who I’ll support.

Honestly, I think catholics should think again about supporting democracy. Monarchy seems to be more fitting to our belief.


Do they count spoiled ballots in the states?


My question is: Has it always been this way or is it more of a recent phenomenon?


Most voters do electronic ballots here in America. Most jurisdictions got rid of paper ballots a long time ago.


From the Catechism:

2240 Submission to authority and co-responsibility for the common good make it morally obligatory to pay taxes, to exercise the right to vote, and to defend one’s country:

I’d have voted for Trump in the last election if I was a US voter.
He was clearly the better candidate.

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