Pray for our POTUS and all world leaders


Honestly, anonymous tirades posted on the internet as internet memes don’t sway me. If the 68 year old Christian grandmother is willing to sign her name, I will give her props.

Heck, I am a Christian grandmother and I am disabled on top of that, so, my opinion is even MORE important!


This is how I feel!


I am also despairing and disgusted. I’m pro-life. But in practice, sixteen years of the Republicans in charge at state level has left us with lousy roads, the worst schools in the country, and the Medicaid program I rely on almost getting axed. Nationally, I have seen the defense of torture, the growing acceptance of white supremacy, and the dismissal of rape, as well as a belief that money for expensive medical conditions will just show up. And yet, I’m commanded to vote.


Not voting is not going to solve anything. Hold your nose and pick the lesser of two evils.


Is voting solving anything, or is it merely encouraging the parties to know they can get away with anything so long as they can paint the other guy as worse on one or two issues?

That’s my concern about voting for the lesser of two evils. The message the Republican party is getting is “as long as we pay lip service to abortion, we can keep the vote of the moral conservatives no matter what else we do.”


Good news is that is not a commandment.


One may NEVER choose/do evil so that good may come of it.

I would add to that “even if it is a lesser evil”.

If I had two batches of brownies here on the table. In one batch I mixed in a cup of dog poop. In the other batch I mixed in a tablespoon of dog poop. Are you REALLY going to eat either brownie?


If an election comes down to one vote, that vote is solving something very important.

Elections are won and lost by the ground game. Turning out vote is essential. If enough people stay home, it will make a statement regarding the opinions of the populace. In the last election, if enough Catholics had stayed home, it would have made a strong statement about abortion. Today, you have a President that wants to defund Planned Parenthood. The only reason he does, is because he knows it is important to a large voting block that supported him…Christians.

That is why you vote.


I am going to eat the brownie that doesn’t support abortion on demand, socialized medicine, and creating a Palestinian state.

As a Catholic, I would recommend that you do it too. Unless you like living in a world whose values you despise.


The good news is this is America and I have just as much right to vote my principals as you do.


And by not voting, your principals mean nothing. They don’t even measure in society. You influenced nothing.


I do vote. I vote for men and women of virtue.


The trouble for some of us is - democrats support abortion. Republicans support the system that motivates people to have abortions. Which can you vote for in good conscience? All my vote teaches is that no matter what I have to support someone whose morals I find abhorrent, or I have no right to complain.


With the exception of


None of those, sadly, are near me. :frowning:


Sen. Casey is on the the “democrats for life” list, but its really not accurate. He’s voted to fund Planned Parenthood, confirm anti-life justices, and block pro-life justices on the nation’s court. He isn’t his dad - who stood up to the Clintons back in 1992. Casey has made a few symbolic pro-life votes, but not hing substantial where his vote would make a difference.

Casey’s vote was the deciding vote when the ACA was passed back in 2010.


Oh it was real & it’s very common across the country with racially charged language.

Meanwhile… many of you shop at Amazon :joy:


Um, that’s a quote from the movie…


What movie?


Star Wars.

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