Pray for our POTUS and all world leaders


My principles mean everything. One of my principles is to not use aggression on others which is one of the reasons I don’t vote.


I’ve never seen Star Wars.




You haven’t lived.

Just don’t watch the new ones. Most are trash. :angry:


We have different interpretations of things. Will leave it at that


Well to be honest I did go to the very first one back in 1978, over a year after its release. I found it dreadfully boring and slept through most of it. I’ve never been interested in seeing any more.


I don’t vote for evil.


This is the key thing. Trump may have done bad things…but he’s not promoting intrinsically evil things as points of policy. Hilary was.


It’s very important that we all vote. Otherwise, Russians hackers, alone, get to decide the outcome of the election" :sunglasses:


You can also find it many other places (a parish website)

And here is a video on it.

NOTE: There is a major difference between lobbying to make same sex marriage illegal when it’s already been legalized vs. trying to prevent the legalization. As far as I know, the non-negotiable regarding same-sex marriage does NOT call for us to work to overturn legalized same-sex marriages.

Also, it is possible simultaneously to be in favor of protecting the traditional definition of marriage and making it easier for roommates to receive next of kin or spousal rights. In countries where same-sex marriage is not legal, you don’t have to have same-sex marriage legalized in order to grant same-sex couples spousal rights. Honestly, there are many roommate that should be allowed to have next of kin / “spousal rights.” Like, two adult siblings living together to help raise children or manage costs or parent moving in with adult single child.

God bless.


Yes, several people associated with the EWTN & Catholic Answers family of apostates have talked about the list that Mr. Keating composed.

That does not mean that booklet is the fullness of the Catholic teaching wrt moral issues.


It doesn’t claim to be the “fullness.” And even though the list doesn’t have an imprimatur (at least not that I’m aware of, not sure if the video does or not), I’ve never heard of a bishop contradicting the list since it was originally released.


Not a matter of contradicting.

The list is only a subset of the issues that a Catholic must consider.


What hateful rhetoric – on a Catholic message board. How is such hatred tolerated here?


What hateful rhetoric. A candidate “supports killing babies”? Really?

Tell us how you really feel. How is such hatred permitted on a Catholic forum?


Yes, but the others are really a matter of prudential judgement.

One article I posted, lists 9 non-negotiables


That question is easily answered. This terminology is tolerated because it is not hatred, it is not hate, it is not hateful rhetoric or anything of that kind. It is criticism expressed in sharp terms, but that’s as far as it goes. It is not hate. The “hate” is entirely in your imagination.


Yes, how awful that we should risk offending someone with our “horrible words” in pointing out that millions of babies have been dismembered limb from limb while within the wombs of the very mothers who should be caring for them.

How is such vile disgusting homicidal (fetucidal technically) inhuman genocide of the unborn tolerated in our society. There are not words sharp enough to condemn this practice and those that make their trade in it.


Anything that goes against secular leftist ideology is ‘hate speech’. Facts are in fact ‘hate speech’ according to many on the left.


“Oh no what hateful rhetoric!! Something I disagree with. I just joined this forum fourteen hours ago and I’m already offended by Catholic teaching.”

You know it’s summer time when the pollen count is up and the trolls are a trollin.


I am happy to have a conversation about the relative merits of HRC, Trump, and other politicians. But the moment you take petty shots at my character like this, you’ve derailed the discussion.

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