Pray for our POTUS and all world leaders


Trumps been screwing the poor since the 1970’s, and if you can’t see it or disagree with me then I can’t help you.

Nothing I say and no example I give will convince you, because you’ve convinced yourself that Trump could not possibly hold evil views or promote evil policies with regard to the poor.


I am not going to discuss individual politicians.

I left the Republican party because they hold platforms that voliate my conscience. The above referenced document, if you read the entire portion labeled “Doing Good and Avoiding Evil”, that sums it up for me. Too much to past here, but a couple of excerpts:

Similarly, human cloning, destructive research on human embryos, and other acts that
directly violate the sanctity and dignity of human life are also intrinsically evil. These must
always be opposed. Other direct assaults on innocent human life, such as genocide, torture, and
the targeting of noncombatants in acts of terror or war, can never be justified. Nor can violations
of human dignity, such as acts of racism, treating workers as mere means to an end, deliberately
subjecting workers to subhuman living conditions, treating the poor as disposable, or redefining
marriage to deny its essential meaning, ever be justified.

27. Two temptations in public life can distort the Church’s defense of human life and
28. The first is a moral equivalence that makes no ethical distinctions between different
kinds of issues involving human life and dignity. The direct and intentional destruction of
innocent human life from the moment of conception until natural death is always wrong and is
not just one issue among many. It must always be opposed.3
29. The second is the misuse of these necessary moral distinctions as a way of dismissing
or ignoring other serious threats to human life and dignity.

The Republican party will not take a stand against " The direct and intentional destruction of
innocent human life from the moment of conception until natural death". They enshrine abortion loopholes in law, they make promises that simply pat the pro-life issues on the head. Sorry, I am not buying it anymore. In for a penny, in for a pound.


I have felt for awhile now that for most republican politicians, pro-life is nothing more than lip service to gain votes.


I might just vote Libertarian. :unamused:


In 2016 I voted with the American Solidarity Party, the only party I could find which is closely aligned with Catholic principles. Some people say I threw away my vote. Not at all. I voted for what is true and good.


They are pro-choice…


Do you think that for most democratic politicians , anti-life is similarly just lip service to gain votes?


No. I actually think they are being honest about it, as abhorrent as I believe abortion to be. That is what makes it tough for me at the polls. One party openly supports this evil, and the other party turns me off on almost every single other issue.


The party in question is modeled on the European Christian Democrat parties. So if you’re from Europe there’s a qood chance they’re already in you country.


I plan on voting in elections up to the state level and for (or against) my federal senators and House reps.

I’m fed up with presidential elections. Luckily for me I’ve got rand Paul and Thomas massie in congress. If we could ever get rid of McConnell I’d be happy.


Not all of them. It’s true you just can’t willy-nilly vote for anyone on the ticket but all of the ones running in my state are pro-life. They had better be because this a conservative state.


I’m also convinced that if voting actually changed anything it would be illegal.

The man “at the top” is probably not actually “at the top”.

People tend to laugh things like the idea of a deep state but I don’t think it’s so crazy.


Me too.

I know Mike Maturen personally, he’s a friend of mine.

In my heart of hearts, I honestly believed President Mike Maturen would have been exactly what our Nation needed.


I haven’t voted in the last two General Elections here because none of the candidates represented my views .

That doesn’t mean I am being undemocratic or losing my right to have my opinions heard , because there are more things to a democracy than putting an X next to someone’s name every five years or so .

I can write to my MP and other politicians expressing my views on particular issues .

I can write letters in my local newspaper expressing my views .

I can speak to my MP and local politicians personally .

So I object to those who say that in some way I am opting out by not voting . Far from it , I can be quite vocal
In ways that can be more effective than voting .


That ROCKS!!!


@spyridon - I don’t have “tremendous faith” in the Republican Party. I have faith in people, not parities and I wish political parties were illegal.

However, political parties are not going anywhere & I do understand that we have a Two Party System. A third party will never work in the United States. Never has, never will.

A Two Party System all but guarantees that neither party will be perfect, because they are made up of many different kinds of people.

Personally, I fear the Republican Party is becoming too libertarian & too rural, and that the real conservatives and religious right are starting to lose control (something I greatly feared with a Trump Presidency).

However, the Republican Party still stands for subsidiarity, stands against socialism & communism, still stands for cultural conservatism, still stands for entrepreneurship, still stands against abortion & euthanasia, still supports school choice (including home schooling), supports parental rights, supports Freedom of Religion.

While the Democratic Party publicly is pro abortion, more & more pro euthanasia, does not support school choice, is against cultural conservatism, wants “Freedom of Worship” instead of Freedom of Religion, is part of the Progressive Alliance (which has a number of socialist and Marxist parties worldwide), etc.

I don’t think the Republican Party is perfect in any way what so ever. I think they have done terrible job with messaging and holding onto suburban & urban moderates. And the Republicans (on the Federal Level) too often defers to rural America while Suburban & urban American keep growing.

HOWEVER, with all of that said, the Republican Party is the ONLY party where there is a CHANCE for Christians to control. And we Catholics have a good chance of being a big part of that if we would stop putting our hate of the GOP before our love of God.

The Republican Party is NOT perfect. But if more pro-life Catholics would leave the Democratic Party, it’s NOT too late to influence the party. However, the Democratic Party will never be a Christian Party and will never be in line with Catholic teaching again.

Again: we Americans live in a Two Party System. We only have the two parties we are given. Third Parties will NEVER be viable in the United States.

God bless


I’m all for the American Solidarity Party and if we lived in a Parliamentary System, I would join it in a heart beat.

But we don’t, we live in a Two Party System.

People like to say the Two Party System is broken (and I would agree). But it’s not going to change. The United States will never change to a parliamentary system.


No, those policies are not intrinsically evil. They are a matter of prudential judgement.

I can’t speak for Trump personally, but real Conservatives believe that individuals should be donating to the poor, working in soup kitchens, etc. Because real conservatives (who are typically religious) believe that personally giving to the poor is what God wants us to do. When the govt does it, we lose out on an opportunity to give to the poor.

There was a study that was done to see what kind of charities the average Republican and Democrat donates their money to (not including the millionaires). The findings were that the majority of Democrats donate their monies to colleges, arts, museums, & political action groups like planned parenthood.

Republicans typically donate to churches, other religious institutions (schools, ministries, etc), and the poor.

(if anyone can find that report, please post)

Point is: conservatives are not against the poor. We just feel that we should be personally responsible for it and that non-profits, churches & local govts do it better than the federal govt.

God Bless


“Never” say never.


I’m more prone to voting now that I’m back in Ohio. In NY it didn’t seem that it would make much difference.

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