Pray for our POTUS and all world leaders


Please, clarify.


What you describe is fraud against the State and Federal programs. I hope you have reported this to the appropriate agencies!


Yeah, personally I find them to be a party that took out most of the bits of the Republicans I like and left the ones I don’t.


Yes, I think it’s important for people to distinguish between fraud (people using benefits while lying about their situations) and people using them in ways that aren’t ideal.

Personally, I think we need to restructure welfare benefits, but I don’t think just cutting them is the answer. Rather I think they’re set up in a way that people who need help but are also trying to better themselves are more likely to be flagged as the people who don’t really need help than the ones who aren’t. But I think punitive measures are going to encourage people to keep their own circumstances more desperate in order to keep getting help, rather than to get off welfare.


So true, I would’ve rather have had a President Cruz, but now that President Trump has been in office for awhile, I can’t see anything wrong with most of his policies. And he is a President who has drawn more attention to pro-life issues than any other President. He will even be speaking at Susan B Anthony’s Annual Gala this weekend.


No I had not. Thank you for bringing it up because after a brief Wikipedia investigation, I need to look into this.


To be honest I’m not sure attention is what the pro-life movement needs. We’ve got lots and lots of attention, what we don’t have is anything coherent to do about it. Sometimes I think all the attention is causing more problems than it solves.


It’s not fraud because they are not married. They are not lying to the govt. They simply are not getting married because of the law. They are taking advantage of a loophole.

What they are doing isn’t moral, but it’s not illegal either (at least not in their state).


We have actually made a ton of prolife advancements in recent years. Iowa’s governor most recently signed the Heartbeat Law into efffect. Pro-lifers showing support for politicians who inact those sorts of laws helps bring change-it makes those politicians bold.


And some of President Trump’s voters are prochoice. Who knows, maybe he will open their mind by speaking out on it.


Wow this is a real conservative site. I am no religious expert, but when i read the Gospels, Jesus comes across more liberal than conservative.


I’m not from Europe, but thanks anyway. It’s good to know its origins


Well, if they are independent and could block and even criminalize abortion, then they’re good enough (regarding this specific subject)


Nope. I vote and then I have the right to complain. LOL!


I would almost like to become American to add a perpetual vote to the GOP. Few realize the globalist agenda 21 hell that’s been avoided by the curtailing of a Hillary Clinton presidency.


Jesus is not liberal in any true definition of the word.

Jesus would most likely be a distributist, not a social liberal, regardless of what Hugo Chávez used to say before he passed away.

Also, if you think about it… it’s very hard to be truly religious and not socially conservative.

God bless


I wonder how many “Catholics” would die of shock if they knew the Church condemns all forms of Marxism including “moderate Socialism”?


Perhaps a “liberal” to the pharisees 2000 years ago but certainly would not be one today. I just don’t understand how Catholics can so have the wool pulled over their eyes by left-leaning politicians who speak a language totally incompatible with Christianity and who persistently say one thing and do another all while keeping their true intentions silent. Perhaps this describes any politician but Democrats have historically been the degenerates. Hitler got his ideas from the treatment of Indians by democrat Andrew Jackson. Jim Crow laws were put in place by democrats. And today democrats try to make i out as if every bad American idea came from the right which just isn’t the case. The list just goes on and on.


Worse… I don’t know how priests in Chicago (and other major cities) were able to fall pray to Saul Alinsky when he was alive.

When you have priest and nuns falling for the “use vs them” methods of Alinsky, it’s not hard to see how lay Catholics who were educated by these priests and nuns believe what they believe.

God bless


Nope the GOP will make huge gains. Then 2020 Trump will win in a landslide. Kennedy and Ginsburg will quit making it a 7 to 2 court. I hope that Thomas retires so that will also remain a Constitutionalist seat

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