Pray for our POTUS and all world leaders


Believe me, they are all sinners too. And then there are people who enjoy the freedoms and rights of this country which other less virtuous people fought and died for. And we all celebrate our founding fathers yet they were no saints either. Then there are the moral virtuous people who think they are better than the rest and vote for people who are fighting for moral abominations. When it comes to politics you have to look at what people are fighting for instead of all their personal sins.


The problem is that nowadays “moderate socialism” basically means “any government program at all designed to help anyone who’s poor out with anything.” It’s not a meaningful term in modern discourse so much as a generic insult.


I completely agree regarding distributionism. Thank you for linking that article.

I think it’s actually irrational to be socially progressive and an (atheist) secular materialist.

When you think about it, a purely naturalistic approach to questions of racism, sexism, inequality, and so forth makes no guarantees or promises with regards to protections and rights.

Christians certainly do have a spotty record with regards to these matters at times, but the fact is that we hold to the belief in a God who does not favor the powerful and haughty, but rewards the humble and oppressed.

Quite a different methodology from “survival of the fittest.”


It’s about electing people who deliver on their promises

Yes, yet they will still have a direct effect on policies from education and homeschooling, taxes, religious freedoms, the economy and the use of your tax payer money, affecting you and your family as citizens of this country.

Yes. Third party might make one feel good bout one’s self, but Third Party is not going to be appointing judges to the Supreme Court or making any difference in the Culture Wars.


Really, I’m not sure how much useful info we can glean, just because so many economic factors are so different.

The modern system where few people actually work anymore at producing basic necessities and shipping is vitally important requires systems vastly different from what would work in largely agrarian societies.


This country is being torn apart by culture warriors and SJWs. What you call making oneself feel good, I call obeying one’s conscience. And mine warned me that voting for Clinton equated to high risk of war with Russia; while voting for Trump meant civil war.

Supreme Court picks, pro-/ anti- abortion laws, etc. are wielded as weapons in such a fractured society. Because neither side respects the other, neither recognizes the other’s leader as legitimate. Authority is no longer given by the consent of the governed, so we are left with whichever power-hungry dictator wannabe (Clinton, Trump) is able to wrest enough votes to seize power.

Therefore, we are living like the Israelites in Judges:

In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.


I don’t know what gives you the impression that I love Trump so much. But really nothing he has done in his role as US president has been “intrinsically evil”. And he was much better than the alternative, the corrupt, lying, pro-abortion viper that is Hilary Clinton.

At least Trump isn’t actively trying to make abortion more widespread.


I think one tends to get this idea because historically most of catholic literature was written before modern democracies (Scripture included). Also, because king and church were normally closely aligned. And lastly, because monarchy mostly seems to dismiss the problems of democracy altogether - although modern monarchies show otherwise.


It takes the Holy Spirit, Who does not depend on the sacraments although sacraments are an efficacious channel of grace.


@cruciferi this time @Entwhistler got the drop on you :laughing:


Campaign Slogan and a good way to shut down your opponents in a debate…


Not voting is to let the other persons choose president. A vote not to vote IS actually a vote; to defer to the process and therefore I feel you would be required to accept any President elected as you did not exercise your right to vote.


There is no liberal or conservative Jesus. Jesus is Jesus. I’m tired of this nonsense from the world of politics.


I like playing hardball so I’m not walking away from it.


Not to mention his support of torture and his words during the campaign that he wanted to go “beyond water boarding”… the Catechism condemns torture as an intrinsic evil. Of course some of the Trumpites here at CAF have informed me that Trump’s definition of torture is different than that of the Church’s and thus completely moral. These individuals are Republicans first and Catholics second. It’s more subtle than the unfaithfulness of those who are Democrat first and Catholic second… but still unfaithfulness.


If they reinstitute dueling like it was up to 19th century we might just see that :laughing:


I’ve been feeling the same way for a while. However, it somewhat depends on who runs. While I don’t expect miracles from any of these politicians, you never know if a relative unknown candidate suddenly emerges who appears to have some good and sane ideas.


Trump said a whole lot of things during the campaign, as most candidates running for office do. Most of what he said is probably not worth paying too much attention to although the media foolishly scrutinizes every single word.


How many would die of shock if they had read the Church teachings on capitalism, poverty, globalism, wealth inequality and consumerism? Because the Church has quite a few documents about these issues as well. And they arent favorable.


We need God’s help to do good. God may help those who do not have the sacrements in ways only known to Him. However, it takes more than human ability.

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