Pray for our POTUS and all world leaders


I call it If imprudence; when the vandals and barbarians are at the gate you have to go with the obvious opposition.


If you like to drool over TL then help yourself to it.


I don’t reflexively condemn others I disagree with as vandals and barbarians. Barbarians are those who tear at the very fabric of society, by seeking to undermine the systematic logic of civilization, itself, and the rule of law.

That makes those who mindlessly attack others like beasts of the field, and the true barbarians.


It would be interesting to find out how far you would take your position. If a candidate does not believe that artificial contraception is evil and immoral, would you stay home and not vote, even if the alternative candidate was a Marxist communist and the race was close?, What about if he or she is divorced and remarried; would you not vote for the candidate because of it? Would you not vote for Ronald Reagan because he was divorced and remarried? And are you against the death penalty? What if a candidate is not agains the death penalty, should you not vote for them because of that?

Are Catholics to hold non-Catholics to Catholic standards? if so, why is this? What if the candidate running against Trump is an antiCatholic and promises to persecute Catholics if elected; would you vote for Trump then?

What about Constantine; he was a pagan and a Roman emperor with Roman emperor standards; yet God used Constantine despite his pagan ways. What are your thoughts on that?

As for torture; life in prison without the possibility for parole could be defined as mental torture; are you against life in prison? And even the Bible seems to justify torture:

Then the master called the servant in. ‘You wicked servant,’ he said, ‘I canceled all that debt of yours because you begged me to. Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?’ In anger his master handed him over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should pay back all he owed. “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother or sister from your heart.” Matt. 18:32-35


So institutionalizing sodomy and attacking the nucleus of a healthy society, namely the natural human family, and normalizing the murder of babies and indoctrinating children in anti-Christian morality does not qualify as tearing against the fabric of society and undermine the systematic logic of civilization itself? I mean, don’t children need a mother and a father? Two fathers is not tearing apart at the fabric of society?


Homosexuality and abortion have been practiced since time immemorial. These are not new practices. The degree, however, to which our society has pushed these outliers towards the center speaks more to the malady already present in the midst of our culture.

In other words, high rates of abortion and the prevalence of hypersexuality (both gay and straight) are not the cause of our malaise: they are symptoms of it.

The heart of evil is the love of money.

The Church has hardly contested this pernicious rot at the heart of our society: secular materialistic capitalism.

The central tenet of our culture is the unmitigated pursuit of profit; everything is reduced to a monetary value, even human life. Just like its sibling communism, it is an utterly amoral and godless system. It drives waste, cold ambition, and every other grave sin in our society - from divorce, to designer babies, to abortion, to the mass exodus from the Church, herself.

Christians who’ve enshrined secular materialism bring disrepute upon themselves and the Church. It is a profanity to profess a belief in God, yet practice a cold atheistic calculus, where economics trumps spiritual imperatives.

That depravity and hypocrisy is what is fueling the disgust and apathy towards the Church. So that all the words about valuing life and loving gay people are as clamoring cymbals.

No one is listening to the Church, because the Church doesn’t listen to her own Savior.

No man can serve both God and Mammon.

Where your treasure is, there will also be your heart.

The love of money is the root of all evil.

To save our society means actually living out the call to love our enemies, and above all, love and serve God.

I warn you, attempting an end-run to true piety, around the rot of secular materialism in our society, by merely targeting gays and abortion will not save either us or our society. It will only feed the hatred already tearing us apart.

Gay marriage and legalized abortion was never the goal of the true barbarians.

The goal is to destroy our relationship to God. As individuals and as a society.

And ceding our dignity and rationality to become emotional savages and brutes.

It is about worshipping the created versus the Creator.

Abortion and gay marriage are red flags to the bull. Mere distractions meant to enrage and and divide, as a means to weaken us. They are not the end game.



The real snake in the grass is the lascivious greed that has thoroughly infected us.To the point that we pathetically accept the scraps of food thrown to us from the likes of Trump.
Trump, who epitomizes our national disease in the form of godless adulation of money, sex, and temporal power.

But it’s ok if Christians helped elect Trump. After all, Trump promised Christians that if they chose him as leader, he would tip the scales in their favor of greater judicial power in exchange. They took that deal, for weal or for woe.

Like Caesar humored the Jews by allowing them their to have their religious courts.

Like Satan promised Jesus earthly power in the desert, if He would only bow to Satan.

That’s why I refused to kiss Trump’s ring. A deal with the devil would be no less safe.


Completely disgusted with the whole system, but have to do my part to keep the GOP out, so of course I will vote accordingly.


Does that mean that a German citizen had the moral obligation to defend his country against Serbian, French and British aggression in WWI and against American aggression in WWII ?


Yes, sin has always been around. But just a few decades ago abortion was an abominable crime condemned by society, and homosexuality was considered a psychological issue while homosexual acts were considered vice and the idea of gay marriage was an abomination.

The gay agenda and practicing homosexuals hate the Church because the Church does not approve of gay marriage and teaches that homosexual acts are intrinsically evil and that the lifestyle is sinful. The Church teaches that we must love the sinner and hate the sin; not approve, confirm, celebrate and normalize vice and sin in the name of compassion.

I think most voted for Trump because the alternative was a wicked witch, who not only championed late term abortion, but was going to stack the Supreme Court with leftist activists, and was as corrupt a politician as they come; plus she was going to ruin this economy.


I guess supporting the water boarding of 3 terrorists which leads to removing Osama Bin Laden is far worse than Obama’s drone strikes killing hundreds of people.


Yes, he’s a sinner like you and me. But he also happens to have provided the livelihoods for tens of thousands of people. Not to mention many personal accounts of his generosity with people in need. It’s one thing to inherit money and be avaricious and stingy; it’s another thing to create wealth and help those in need. If you’re going to be against him because of his personal foibles, and not because of his policies then maybe you don’t realize that you too are a sinner and that maybe worse than him in a different category of sin?


I joked before the 2016 election that i prayed Jesus would come back before then. I would not, I could not EVER vote for her. Not ever.

That being said, I am also very disillusioned with what we get to deal with these days. I started to feel like my vote didn’t count when Prop 8 was on the CA ballot a few years back. (Against gay marriage). The people passed it only to have a judge knock it down saying that it was unconstitutional. And we all know how it all turned out eventually, right? It was very discouraging to me at the time and made me quite angry and feeling helpless. I couldn’t understand how something could get so far as having to get voted on if it was unconstitutional in the first place.

Now we are looking to vote for a new governor since Jerry Brown will be leaving (don’t let the door hit you in the bum on your way out!). I will vote my conscience for the candidate whose beliefs in the issues mirror my own, namely pro-life. I refuse to consider anyone that has spoken against our President in their profile. Whether you like him or not, our government should do its best to work TOGETHER for the common good.

Mine is a minute role in a much bigger plan. God’s plan. I am constantly having to remind myself that I am not the one in control. He is. And I have faith that He will not let me or anyone else here down!


“Not voting” is something only those in a privileged position can afford to do. By “not voting” you are, in fact, voting for the status quo. Oppressed groups have died for the right to vote. Your life and safety are not at stake–most probably. You’re not going to be deported, be beaten or killed by police, be unable to afford basic health care, or be unable to find a job because of factors you can’t control (race, ethnicity, gender, etc.).

This doesn’t mean you have to vote for one of the two major parties–I rarely do in national elections, and sometimes not even in state elections.

And if you are wondering if God will somehow swoop in and save the day, don’t count on it. God is on the side of whoever wins the election.


So does that mean that God is on the side of Vladimir Putin since he won the recent presidential election in Russia against the six or seven other candidates?


Yes and no. If you believe in some “plan” that by definition means that whatever happens happens with God’s blessing and approval, then yes. If you believe (like me) that God has better things to do than interfere in elections or football games, then no.


Right. In the overwhelming majority of times the answer to many questions in religion or politics has to be “Yes and No”.


Oh yeah…because Hilary Clinton was so much better.

To be honest, I think there is something seriously wrong with the moral “geiger-counter” of people who seem grieviously offended by Trump, or think he’s some symbol of “what is wrong with the US/West.”

I mean, in what world is Trump worse than a corrupt, murderous, power hungry, liar who likely covered up her husbands sexual misdemeanours over the years.


Unlike you or me, he does not feel the need to repent or for forgiveness.

So he is quite like his old friends, the Clintons.


I go against him for the same reasons I went against Clinton: deceptive character, arrogance, condescending towards religious belief, and a litany of other unrepentant sins and attitudes.

But mostly because as I said earlier, giving him my vote in exchange for his promise of empowering the Christian cause is akin to a deal with the devil.

You can justify your choice until the cows come home. It’s essentially the same one as those liberals who chose to pretend voting for Clinton was a vote for progress (it wasn’t).

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