Pray for our POTUS and all world leaders


And in ancient Greece, homosexuality and abortion were absolutely normalized and practiced rampantly.

Look at the full history of both. They’ve always been there, sometimes openly sometimes not.

Still not the root of sin in our society.


Nope. People used to hate the Church when She disagreed with them. Now, they just don’t care.

Because she is irrelevant.

Due to her own embrace of the materialistic lifestyle in the West, why should anyone, gay or straight look to the Church for truth when she is living, practically speaking, by faith in Mammon?


She was his friend before they ran against each other. Because he is just as wicked.

He is a mercenary who is giving you want because you paid him for it.

Had Clinton been against abortion, Trump would have embraced it to win. Had Clinton been for conservative SC picks, he would have put another Kagan or Kennedy in there.

As to your comment about the economy, it’s a sad proof of my point - love of money will justify a great many evils.


The most regrettable thing about the choice Evangelicals and Catholics made to support Trump is that they feared what Clinton would attack their faith and hurt the Church.

But voting for Trump may have caused far more harm to the Christian cause - because now they defend and support an unrepentant wicked person, the witness of the Church has been gravely harmed.

God will not be mocked. We will pay for the embrace of evil.



Be Best :v:t2:


Have there been any Presidents you would have supported for office? Or have they all been reprobates in your view and not worthy to rule?


This was the issue, wasn’t it? Not “Who is better?” but “Who is less evil?” No choice at all.


I already stated upthread that I voted third party (Johnson). Imperfect for sure, but he does not approach the open contempt for the rule of law (and God) that both Clinton and Trump practice.


I was asking about candidates who actually won the election and served as our President here.

Not failed candidates.


Amen Amen.

The attention is almost always negative.

And it has become ONLY anti-abortion. No other issue matters, if you DARE speak of anything past birth as a pro-life issue, you are obviously not pro-life (shows scars like in that scene from Jaws).


Who could not be dismayed or disgusted. I’m disgusted w Christians. ( including myself). Why we are not on the same page. How,”feed the hungry, clothe the naked, et al,” is taken to cover the whole world. I’m not saying, it isn’t. But we forget “God is not the author of confusion but of a sound mind.”We forget,” Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s .”…RULE OF LAW. As w all things there is a balance. The enemy has caused division in our ranks. When we are passionate, on our soap boxes, defending Gods will, in these circumstances, is it God’s or our will , we defend.???
I don’t feel, failure and destruction is God’s will. We are under attack. This Central American convoy, was planned and orchestrated by a progressive American group, to challenge POTUS. Congress won’t fix the immigration laws. We can’t have open borders for security reasons. It’s a different world, of which, we are stewards…SIGH!
Voting!!! PRAY! What effects are you seeing?? Don’t look at the person! Who is exposing God? Who is fighting for the unborn? Canceling ROEvs WADE, isn’t overnight. The Omnibus bill gave $$ to Planned Parenthood. POTUS had to sign,to get money for military. DEMS messed w it. He won’t do that again!
Who receives prayer from Pastors? Who brought Christmas back, to be spoken proudly? Who gave tax cuts to bring jobs back? (Was it right to do that???) JOBS ARE BACK! Unemployment is down! We had an April surplus for the first time. $285 billion decreasing the deficit!WOW! Peace in Korea. Who is stimulating better trade deals?!!
If God’s Servant has warts, he is still God’s servant!! If Satan hadn’t brought the constant attack on him, his NY RETALIATORY antics, could have been cured?! It never lets up. Everything good is twisted to bad. For example, Bernie’s counselor stated,”Trump didn’t build an Embassey in Jerusalem for $200,000.00.” He’s right, he didn’t. He used an existing building. He said,”They could use $400,000.00.
The DNC has changed. The RNC, is not the party of the RICH! I’m not! It is the party that helps you get rich! 3200 spaces coming up
In Christ’s Love


In order to qualify for federal benefits and for benefits in every State I have investigated, the application process requires disclosure of the household income. Every permanent resident of that home. (This is what gets many people “kicked out of HUD housing”, a single parent is approved, they then move in a lover. Soon as that is reported they are either given an ultimatum or gone.


In the case of subsidized housing, a lot of people will just contend that they aren’t living with the recipient mother- they actually live with their own mum and are just visiting.


Exactly, as I said above, there is fraud.


But is it really “fraud”? The gentleman probably has most of his important mail sent to his own mother’s, and that is definitely where he will be going after they break up. What’s the definition of “permanent” resident?


I don’t buy into current B.S. relativism. That means I don’t equivocate and claim that all previous Presidents are as “reprobate” as Trump, just because they were imperfect.

Nixon, Bill Clinton, & Trump are examples of a particular breed of insolent leaders who believe(d) the law does not apply to them.


The problem with politics today is the left and right, here in the usa, see government. The left views the role of government as your caretakers. With an almost unlimited power as long as it is for the “common good” . The right views the role of government as limited to just a few powers. These two positions are opposed 180 degrees.


I know it isn’t federal benefits my sister is getting. And my sister doesn’t have HUD.


You might just google “State benefits” for your sister’s state to get the actual details of what she is getting. Old fashioned AFDC went away years ago.

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