Pray for Pappy


Well Papa went in for angio today. Its not too good. He needs bypass, But dr isnt sure lungs can take it. They are looking now. Will find out shortly. Well guys this is it Please pray for my Dad I love him so much.


PRaying for him as well as the family. Also, that God will guide the surgeons as they make decisions and during surgery.


Thank you so so much. You have really made me feel better. And its better than we thought, At first we were told he couldnt have the surgery, now theres a good chance he can. Will know i 2 weeks. Thanks so much prayer does work. The GOOD LORD is very busy. And hes listening thats for sure.


Praise God, so happy to hear that your Dad is better and will be able to go for surgery.
Will continue to pray for him and your family.


Gwyn are you welsh?


Praying for Pappy, and his drs too.


No, but my name is … got that a couple times when making bookings for our UK trip, this last summer, via email.
My Grandfather picked the name from the Chambers dictionary, “Gwyneth” meaning blessed.

Rinnie, still praying for your Pappy and the family.


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