Pray For Pope Sunday


Today is Pray For Pope Sunday, a day dedicated to praying for Pope Benedict XVI in the midsth of attack. Prayer and sacrifice is the best way we can support him. Pray and make offerings for Pope Bendict XVI’s intentions and for God to give him strength and refreshment, guidance and correction, enlightenment and patience, and every grace which he needs in his life and in serving Holy Mother Church, and especially at the hour of his death.


Thx for reminding us of the importance of praying and sacrificing for the pope. He is the sweet Christ on earth. Many catholics have lost the understanding that Christ speaks directly thru this man. It must be very heartbreaking for the pope when so many are disobedient or rebellious. He needs our help.


Thanks for the “heads up”. :thumbsup:

The Holy Father is always our “Sunday” intention. He carries a heavy burden, and it’s up to us… his spiritual children… to support him, in prayer.


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